Cookie Recipes – How to Make Chocolate Crinkles

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Get the 5-star recipe for Chocolate Crinkles II at This video shows you how to make chocolate…

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Khaoula BENZIANE says:

Can you give me the recipe in Grams and Milliliters? i am from Algeria! 

juliasmind says:

Do we have to use an electric mixer or can we just mix it by hand?

Cheyk Adrias says:

Hi can i use self raising flour instead of a normal flour?thanks

Lyka Danila says:

Hi, can I refrigerate the mixture overnight? 

michelle abian says:

Is it ok if i use canola oil or any?

EvelynLove Martinez says:

can we just use regular sugar instead of icing sugar

zhiddah japzon says:

can i refrigerate it for less than 4 hours? 


I tried making a chocolate crinkle a lot of times, but it seems to end up
looking like cookies (it’s flat). Why is that?

Unsia says:

are these chewy?

Ayesha Ayub says:

Instead of eating it as crinkles can we eat it as cookies by adding
chocolate chips? 😀 :D

babbitty rabbitty says:

im gonna try this for sure! i have searched a lot videos on how to make
chocolate crinkles and they all seem difficult to make but thanks to that
random ad i end up watching this video. You make them so easy, Thanks :)
Hope they’ll turn out great!

Joanne C says:

May I ask what brand of cocoa powder you used?

Miah and Angelyn says:
taniya charlabo says:

please translate the recipes in French

Joy Manalo says:

Hello! I want to know if this recipe is a SOFT chocolate crinkles,,, i
usually get the hard recipe of this!!! Thank you

Mina M says:

Can you refrigerate it more than 4 hours? 

Myra Reyes says:

Can I use dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder? Thanks

Miah and Angelyn says:

Can i use regular cocoa powder?

katycam0907 says:

can i omit baking powder?

Aniliga says:

I made this recipe a while ago, and I really thought that it has a lot of
sugar. So, instead of 2 cups of sugar, I only used 1. The result was…. a
lot of cookies super bitter due to the cocoa powder (they were delicious,
thou, but bitter). Try to use the recipe’s right amount u_u. 

hahalala tralala says:

When she said chocolate lover. I was literally dipping croissant into

Parameshwari Selvaraj says:

Are they going to be chewy on the inside?

TheQaseeh says:

how long can we keep this cookies? a month? or more?

Christiana Louise Masalunga says:

Gonna make this for my friends on Saturday! Thank you for this recipe!

stella Rose says:

I used this recipe and everyone LOVED them

tasnia matin says:

Whats the song in the background?

A Randomed says:

I remember making these when I was younger . I forgot how delicious they
were .


I miss them!

Angeli Ness Masongsong says:

Cookie Recipes – How to Make Chocolate Crinkles

CookieMonster13 says:

That sky-blue colored plate looks fantastic with those cookies! make them
look even more delicious :D

Chen Sarah says:

thanks for the video! finally someone make cookies without butter or milk!
i dont take milk and butter or cream!

Emily Merovich says:


Allura March says:

I tried these out, and knowing myself as the anti-cook of the house, I
still found these AMAZINGLY simple and so much better than expected! Very
nice recipe! 

najatch79 says:

I hate the video’s with the voice of this lady. The original lady is wayyyy
better and has a nicer voice!

FIRECAF varisabrand says:



I’ll definitely try this! :) easy and amazing recipe 

Amalkitchen says:

Looks wonderful

Anh Ngọc says:

this is what i’m talking aboutttttttttttt! ^^

Hnoo Hamd says:

So good

Lana K says:

Oh,i’ve made this long time ago.. They are super delicious!

Tony Yong says:


Dilip John says:

Cookie Recipes – How to Make Chocolate Crinkles

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