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Nick Britton says:

They was alive when they boiled them

Maui Mom says:

Two of the sexiest words in the English language: "Crawfish Fat!" Haha! Wow, just another awesome, drool-worthy vid, lol. I can't wait to make this. Thanks, and Aloha, J.B!

mikeje305 says:

Don’t buy them non union crawfish boy ,

mark burress says:

@Louisiana Cajun Recipes Tell dem boys what catches dem bug down home to turn down de knob on dat price meter son😃Good God…

Luke Pate says:

Awesome my friend !!!!!


I had a rector set

T.L. says:

Crawfish fat is liquid gold AINT THAT THE TRUTH

fancee woodring says:

Love your videos.

Tipping Toast Media says:

shira-cracka sauce lol 22:39

Yliyah Hawkins says:

…you long missed cajun … A-brother… JB… For I get hyptized by your foodamalicious videos I want to give the love of your Heavenly Father…. Ready… Prepare you and your family for DECEMBER 24th…. Bout midnight … My close to the inside boys …done told me … JB… I love you boy… Seriously … Tears are gonna fall … Water and salt … Noodles and jerkey … Want more info call me …. Most won't believe this … But what I'm doing is contacting the ones who will… WATCH … Love Ya boy

bayousmackerdix ford says:

lv all ur recipes jb #####😁😁😁😁🐅🐅🐅cest bon

Albino Sunburnedgirl says:

JB you are something else! You remind me of my uncle Rick, God love y'all! LOL

rony pel says:

loved this video great  and was a family fav.. thanks

Jovania Alphonse says:

I just made this delicious dish . baby its so good…thank u

Jovania Alphonse says:

thank you. u are hilarious and enjoy your video. just saw my 1st video

Gary Miller says:

ROBOSTIR?  LOLOLOL.  omg, a sucker born every second

Charles Hendricks says:

Hey JB, I found your channel by chance while I was searching for an etouffee recipe. This is my first time making it and DAMN THAT STUFF IS GOOD!!!. I now am subscribed to your channel and running through more of your recipes. Thanks for the video, keep doing what you doing, and have a fresh pop for me. HEY BOY!!!

Joel Dunmore says:


Cookin with SurfinSapo says:

How much do they cost right now?

Cookin with SurfinSapo says:

I got only 12 oz….. 

Christopher D Martinez says:

im gonna tell ya right now…THIS FUGGAN DUDE IS GOLD……..PURE GOLD…..hey chef ,,,please contact me i would love to meet you,,,,im the truckin chef and i think you are the best chef i have EVER SEEN…and im gonna open up somethin in the prime rib lobster area,,,,,in tucson,,,and im bowin down to you …….520-268-5368….your awwesome…maybe i could get some dishes from you ,,,STRAIGHT TO TUCSON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katdadi1 says:

I love this dude.

brad mann says:

What is the kick start you added in the beginning?

Not Me says:

Love this guy!  He speaks a lot like my relatives.  

djboogie504 says:

i love this dude !!! he tell it like it is … you alright with me !!!!

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