Creamy Smothered Chicken Thighs

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Creamy Smothered Chicken Thighs Recipe:

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alexleanh says:

Okay, I tried it out but with some modifications. I did not have paprika and crushed pepper, so I substituted with curry powder. Then, I also did not have any cream, chicken broth, white wine, or butter… so I used a can of cream of mushroom instead. I know it has changed the recipe completely but… it came out… perfect! Just like the way you showed it. :-)

Maria's Greek Food says:

👏👏 Another great recipe!🍷🙋

natalie lui says:

can you make his dairy free? use coconut milk instead of regular milk

Richard Vollo says:

With no ingredient amounts shown in your recipe you get a zero. We can all adjust to our own tastes but the idea is that you show us your specific recipe. You are off my list.

MonetForever says:

Making this right now! Did you cover it when putting it in the oven?

Ashlee Morgan says:

Her voice is very soothing and nice to listen to. I just want to hear her talk. Going to make this for dinna tomorrow.

Dova Link says:

What is the oven temp? Looks great. Going to see if the kids like this

Maria Zayas says:

This was so delicious. And easy to make. Made some mashed potato from scratch and tasted so good with the gravy. Will definitely make again. Thanks for sharing.

Kierra Bunch says:

I’ve been looking for a good smothered chicken recipe and I have finally found one! Thank you

MsSexyDiva4Lyfe says:

Damn this looks good Julie!

Johnny A says:

I make these at least a few times a month I am a very honest person, I use no less skinless chicken thighs makes it easier to eat because it’s so good, literally follow this recipe don’t be afraid of the overseasoning because I use mire than she uses and damn this is the best , my girl loves it make it with rice or Cali flour rice and it’s soooo damn good

bignig34 says:

Did you take the chciken out of the pan when you baked it

bignig34 says:

Wont the sauce burn in the ovem for that long

Ashley Myers says:

Can you add mushroom?

Flower power says:

My sister likes to embarrass me in front of others for not knowing how to cook, she had her bf parents teach her and no one taught me. She belittles me any chance she gets, especially in front of her husband… Thank God for YouTube 🙏🏼 I’ll be cooking better meals than her someday soon! And I know she’ll be upset, she doesn’t want me to have any skills. If she did, she would’ve at least taught me something right?? Btw this recipe looks delish 😋 I cant wait to try it.🥰

Cyn S says:

Tried it with almond flour and didn’t have cream used half n half still came out great

Johnny A says:

My sauce is to runny how do I thicken it

Michael Malone says:

An amazing recipe ! Thanks for sharing it.

Star Girl says:

This looks delicious! I’m saving the recipe 💜

Jordys Mom says:

Can you use this with chicken wings but it's hard to brown chicken wings so what I was thinking maybe if you boiled them first or broiled or baked them a little bit and then make your sauce and let them cook in the oven with the sauce.

Rachael Giles says:

Wow! This was excellent! Even my 6 year old loved it!

natalie lui says:

can I make this recipe dairy free with no butter and coconut cream milk

transformation church inspired Fiona mutendi says:

Which cream am I putting

Tiffany Reyes says:

what type of cream?


Super Official

GodZilla says:

You can clearly see that skillet was not super hot.

Sherry Melo says:

Made this for dinner last night and my family loved it💗

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