Cuban Bread Recipe – How to Make Cuban Bread for Cubano Sandwiches

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Learn how to make a Cuban Bread Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Cuban Bread recipe.

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kevin lynch says:

PLEASE MAKE Jamaican rice and peas PLEASE!!!!

Sarah says:

I'm lucky to have a Cuban bakery near me, and their cubano sandwich is MASSIVE and delicious.

JoshA says:

6:05 who else wasn't paying attention to the change in camera shots and thought that he made 2 hours magically fly by with the power of flawless editing. Because I know I didn't 😉😉

mcomeslast says:

I'm using chicken schmatlz when I make this. It looks like a good substitute for the Italian sub rolls from the New Jersey sub shops. My dad is missing them and I'm trying to replicate it. Nothing has come close yet. starting the sponge today! Woohoo!

Ricardo Martinez says:

You forgot a few things, including spraying the baking bread with a watery mist to get that sheen crust that is on real Cuban Bread.

Kathy Lynn Maracle says:

Thank you for such a beautiful bread recipe!

Why must we put corn meal on the sheet pan? Does the corn meal help to prevent sticking, is it pretty to look at, is there a mystery reason for it? o.O

Jeremy Dougherty says:

I love this man. I have learned so much. Thank you so much Chef John.

avery neal says:

Chef John
Your voice is music to my ears
Oh! I am kinda tone deaf

Bill says:

Looks great..The Pork Lard is at Safeway in the cooking oil area.

e Moon says:

The first mix is called, madre (mother), bcs from there you can start other doughs. I'm cuban.

Fsac says:

Just checking in. As per my comment last night, I was already actively planning on making cubans today, but with rye bread. After seeing this video, those plans were changed to use this bread recipe. Well, the deed is done, and dare I say this is one of the best cubans I've ever had. I absolutely love the crunch this bread developed. Far, far more than any other bread I've ever tried. Maybe that's the lard factor? You know I didn't skip out on that! A++, Chef; thanks for the recipe!

Leggings Are Pants says:

Thanks Chef! Our family loves Cuban sandwiches! This is definitely on my list to make and invite the family over. Can't wait for the sandwich video!

Ravengoat89 says:

No salt??? i will put some salt .Nice new idea to cook thanks chef :)

Victoria Alexis says:

Why does my homemade bread go stale much quicker than the store bought one?

Dara Martin says:

What a beautiful thing! 😊

Michael Castelli says:

You are awesome John!!!

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