Cucumber and Cabbage Salad

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This refreshing and crunchy cucumber, cabbage and dill salad is a family favorite! Growing up, we had this salad at least twice a week during the summer with garden-fresh vegetables! I love adding toasted almond slivers for extra crunch and freshly-squeezed Meyer lemon juice for zestfulness!

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Apong Kips says:

You got beautiful skin ❀

momo kind says:

Wow….my favorite combination of salad.

Charlie Endrina says:

I like it! So delicious! Thanks maam your so pretty awesome!

Mushegh Zakaryan says:

Thanks so muchπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠI'm from Armenia

Sachin Dhaka says:

I'm from india and I'm gonna try the recipe today itself
Thanks a lot 😊😊

Karthik Shinde says:

I should try it

supermelodia says:

You are such a doll, pretty lady, gorgeous hair with great recipes. I made your basil cupcakes.

aman mittal says:

Which time'is best for eating this?

Maninder Sharma says:

Tuh bahut sohni hai kudiye

Shusil Basnet says:

Wow nice miss I like you I can eat that cabbage salad. .?

Vann Gogh says:

This screams testosterone

Mirza Maulana says:

I tough u was sophie turner

Tanya Hartley says:

Have you ever tryed pecans with it? If so was it any good?


Apple cider vinegar would be better it's better for the stomach

Inday Labling says:

You're so beautiful

Manbearpig Man says:

I have never seen so many YouTube comments with profile pics. Girls really love themselves

Aaron says:

This looks amazing… but, please forgive my ignorance here, does the salt not make a brine? like when making sauerkraut?

Aamer Sharief says:

Can I eat it with out oil ?

Wuba Acebes says:

I have only Filipino cucumber lol 😁

Tom Johnson says:

You're precious

Mystic Manifesting says:

Wow! With a total of 1,200 calories of olive oil, you're really having a heavy dose of omega 6s, some vitamin E and K, with a splash of vegetables. You could have eaten so much nutritious food for that 1,200 calories. I am SO over olive oil. What a waste of calories.

Karen Johnson says:

Only prob, don't like dill,

Jeriel Lopez says:

Cabbage, cucumber and what?

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