Dairy Free Fudge Recipe – How to make Fudge

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This dairy free fudge recipe is so simple to make at home with only 3 ingredients needed. Even if you don’t have a problem with dairy you will still love this chocolate dairy free fudge recipe. This is also a great Vegan recipe.
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Ingredients – Recipe:
1 can coconut cream
3/4 cups powdered sugar
3 cups dairy free chocolate

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Sammy Rose says:

Can I use cocoa power instead of dfrre chips?

caroegc says:

is that a can of coconut milk or pure coconut cream?

GearmuChan says:

Can I use something other than coconut cream? Preferably with almonds?

Sidra Abbas says:

Can you not use dairy free chocolate? :L

TheTondalaya1 says:

more vegan recipes!…

imforeversarah2004aj says:



Angelina Estridge says:

I'm allergic to coconut but i need this recipe to still be dairy free because im making it for my aunt who is pregnant and cant have dairy is there any alternative to the coconut cream to is still dairy free?

Jasmine says:

coconut cream…. sold on this before even watching

Robert Hicks says:

I liked the rainbow fudge recipe, it was pretty cool! Hey I wonder if I put skittles inside of each layer.😛😋

omgxwtfxily says:

Vegan fudge, yassssssssss. Thank you for posting a non-dairy/vegan recipe.

laura Delgado says:

thank you so much for this video my son can't have any dairy products and usually misses out on the good stuff so now i can make this delicious snack for him! love your videos 😍

Gemmie Payton says:

So glad you made a vegan recipe Todd :) thanks from a long time subscriber & vegan!

itsEmily says:

please do more vegan recipes this is great

Mirakuru says:

You look like you've lost so much weight, well done dude! 😄

sarah tasnim says:

what can be used instead of coconut cream???

Tri's Patisserie says:

Chocolate and fudge – what a combo!!!

zyphyr0000 says:

Omg so yummy!!

Japanese Snack Review says:

LOVVVEEEE FUDGE!! Awesome vid, Todd!

Oliver Chance says:

when you do three cups of dairy free chocolate does it matter what side the cup is

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