Dango Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

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This video will show you how to make Dango, small ball-shaped mochi dumplings.
Full recipe here: http://www.japanesecooking101.com/dango-recipe/
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ThatItIs MIM says:

Hello, lovely recipe. Must dango have tofu? Thank you

Lilina Sato says:

My mom made me these sometimes :) they're amazing!
(I didn't know they had tofu in them! I don't like tofu… It's so weird XD)

MusikAlltid says:

The thumbnail looked exactly like a traditional Swedish savoury dish called pitepalt med lingonsylt so I was kind of surprised when it was a dessert haha

L1llyfire says:

I really like your channel! The recipes always seem so easy and not complicated, unlike other Japanese cooking channels. And they are! I love these recipes, so keep doing what your doing! 😀 <3

frantahouska says:

dungo on the dango?

Nur Hidayah says:

dango, dango, dango, dango, dango, dango, daikazoku :3

赵晓荃 says:

Is there any different between dango and mochi when tasting?

Samus 1818 says:

I tried making this. I strictly followed the amount for tofu and mochiko. Didn't come out right. I had to add much more mochiko to get the right consistency. This is the second time I try one of these recipes to only have it come out wrong. I'm just being a hateful person, but I'm not sure these recipes are translating right.

Annie Chiu says:

For the extra dango you make, can you freeze it? And do you freeze it at raw or cooked? (I assume freeze at raw)

Jakub Grupáč says:

can i ask you something ? if i have dry tofu should i just add some water and mix it to have consistance like ur tofu ?

Sara Rodrigues de Miranda says:

Thanks! this channel has helped me a lot when i try to make Japanese food ^_^

Nearisdasmarts says:

Such a fun channel. Thank you!

k1001257 says:

Can you use regular sushi rice?

mizoji kun says:

Konichiwa dango are so kawaii

Pastor Gains says:

Wouldn't boiling the dango like that make them very moushy?

TheNinseNanse says:

Is dango served warm or cold?

Takeru Inudo says:

omg I love dango  x3   it's so yummy~

I never had a problem making mochi, but Dango would never cooperate for me lol I would try sooo many different dango recipes and they would always turn bad on me. When I have the chance I'm definitely using this recipe and trying it  :)

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