Deep fried pork chops

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in cajun seasoning

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jack hayes says:

How come you don't talk like those guys on NCIS NEW ORLEANS? IS IT BECAUSE YOU ARE A REAL COONASS??

cheris34 says:

ohhh yeah JB..I was just looking for this recipe boy!! It's whats for din din tonight!! 😉

Igentenos says:

looks good. I was in Louisiana a fews times back in the early 80's and I miss it. Also in southern Alabama some good cookin.

Billy Ray says:

Pape, your a jackass! How many books have you sold you dumb ass. BOY!

iangard says:

jim royal cooking!!!!

Michael Loew says:

JB, I always wondered what you looked like before you were grown. Good stuff!

Jean C says:

Is that a Fry Daddy?

Of course I will like them, they were deep fried 😀

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