Deliciosos Huevos Rancheros ( married to a Mexican)

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Joel Briseno says:

keep up the good job

Mario Andrade says:

Looks delicious

Excalibur Excalibur says:

please, make more videos.

Daniel Damian Hernandez De Castilla says:

i prefer your recipe

ryan shields says:

Should put butter on those tortillas instead off non stick oil

Joseph Benavides says:

F them, this Gringo/Mexican, say's keep on it!!!

francisco hernandez says:

me encantas casate conmigo please :)

Shane Shane says:

Still love your channel!!!!! More videos please

MaryArt Garcia says:

Looooks delicious,,pero esos no son los verdaderos huevos rancheros

Calupo1 says:

Looks delicious, is that authentic mexican food, I would say yes, because there are so many variants for this very same recipe that yes, absolutely, she is preparing 100% mexican huevos rancheros, cooking is an ephimeral art, but if you are a good artist, your masterpieces will live for ever in the memory of your guests (audience).

Daniela Manzanares says:

youre awsome! keep up thw good work

irnmdn99 says:

el pinche marido de esta panochuda es un tejano…..

EYES75 says:

Bacon fat is the best! Canola is the worse.

EYES75 says:

Sweetie do you know that canola oil is gmo please read about it, I will make the hue so rancheros but I will change the oil

Cesi Hersheys says:

good job girl!! y a los que dicen que no son huevoz rancheros, cada quien los hace a su estilo, ella le hecha ganas mendigos!!!


Mexican men want women that can really cook and clean,sorry for the machismo

Ali de la fuente says:

esos no son huevos rancheros ala mexicana
si fuera asi las tortillas las abrías dorado en aceite en un comal
los tomates estarian molidos en molcajete no en licuadora
buen intento pero asi no son

842qwery says:

"How dare you be a white chick and cook mexican food, and marry a mexican on top of that, what's the world coming to!!" Forget the haters, you're awesome and your hubby is a lucky dude! Thanks for those easy to make recipes that even I can make.

Marco says:

No mames…. Smh

SANCHEZ !!! says:

Gringo version of hievos rancheros!!! LMAO… Shes Cute though:)

chocoluvify says:

What is huevos rancheros??? I'm mexican and THIS is what i've always known as HUEVOS RANCHEROS…

grant dandeneau says:

I was feeling Different and decided to use this recipe for my dinner, It was Delicious, I added some cilantro To the Sauce, and used Queso Fresca (white cheese) I love your recipe.

kcaJoCCoJack says:

i don't know why, but, i almost fell out of my seat when i heard you say "married to a" too funny!
looks good though..happy eating everyone

Joe Guillen says:

this Mexican wannabe bitch right here has the nerve to upload this video using cheap generic products

luzabrila1 says:

yes he and his orchestra played in my dad's graduation at the University of Guadalajara Jalisco, is one of his favorites too.

elparka says:

OMG!!!!!1…huevos rancheros….jajajajajajajajajajaja…… please….. that is not huevos rancheros…jajajajajajajajajaja….

Angel Del Cielo says:

de donde es tu marido xq asi no son los huevos rancheros! quizas son huevoz rancheros amercanizada y faciles!

adisivan08 says:

kudos for you;)

mandy6450 says:

Totally agree were arabic and mexican, my brother married a gringa and all she gives him is microwave dinners hahahaha. or compains when she has to cook. but i have other gringos in my family and boy let me tell u they can get down on cooking……..


Eres muy bonita!

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