Delicious Red Chili Recipe With Beans

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A delicious red chili recipe with beans made from fresh ingredients using a smoker. If your into competition red chili’s and want to learn how to make chili then check out my chili playlist below. I have a few video recipes that have won national championship red chilis.

Im too tired to post the actual recipe but will transcribe within a week.This is a simple recipe and please add whatever you think to it that will make it taste good. I think some hot sauce would add a nice punch or a habanero to give it a little kick!

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Joe Siu says:

did you dice the tomatoes yourself for the part where you added the 28oz? Or did you buy the diced tomatoes from the store? Btw, great video! I love making chili with beans and fresh ingredients!

Headline Pipe says:

Smoked ground beef! Awesome idea.

CastIronSkillet says:

Awesome chili beans! Thanks for sharing!

BBQ Crasher says:

Its always hard to get that perfect chili that everybody likes. Looks like you nailed it on this one! Keep up the great vids!

Steve Hilliard says:

How much beef? How hot is it? Seems like it might be really hot with 6 peppers

Mother's BBQ says:

Yep, I would eat that. Awesome job Jason.

Rich's River Smokers West Virginia says:

Hey brother that’s a awesome looking chili and I bet it has some bang with it to! Great video!

Postal Barbecue says:

Ah yeah!! Nailed it on this, that looks awesome! I always love your tip about smoking the beef flat first.

Mark Hunt says:

Wow! Definitely added to my recipe box. Thanks!!

Eric says:

I will have to give it a try Jason looks good, hope jalapenos don't make it too hoooottttttt!!!   LOL

Eric Ousley Jr says:

Jason I’m one of those hungry people you have waiting. Only thing is I live in New Jersey. I’ll be expecting my portion within the next couple days lol. Awesome video brother. Great cook once again. You the man.

Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine says:

Good looking chili Jason! I could go for a big bowl of that right now!

Everyday BBQ says:

Great looking recipe, Jason! I’ve got a chili episode coming soon collaborating with Texas Johnny. This looked outstanding! Be blessed buddy!

Christy's Cooking Channel says:

I love everything about this chili, especially the no rules part. I couldn't do competitions, those rules ruin it for me. I love extra beans in my chili. Can't wait to try smoking my ground beef for chili. I know that just adds so much more flavor. Thanks for sharing😃

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

Cool. Never thought to cook the whole slab of ground beef first. Result looks amazing!

Carlos Murillo says:

That made me hungry ! Keep the videos coming.

Brian says:

Now that is chili

Dontcha Freestyle Garage BBQ says:

I’m glad I subbed. Another great video. Never really thought about doing the chili the whole time on the grill. I’ve smoked the stuff and brought it inside and put it in the pot on the stove, but never did the whole thing outside. Will try that!

Robert Roy says:

Looks amazingly delicious 😋😋😋

Michael Schneider says:

i like the background music. i didnt see any addition of chili powder or cumin and looks like you strained the beans. i wouldve added some spices and let the bean juice into the mix.

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