De`lounghi air fryer Poutine

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Testing my new Air Fryer multicooker

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martin blouin says:


Jimmy Dick's International Eats says:

I really enjoy your channel, you have so many tips and who don't like Cajun food.  I learn so much from you that I finally got the plumbs to start my own channel.  I would be honored if you looked at it and offered any advice.  I am just starting out and could really use some support.  Thanks allot

keith bettag says:

now u gonna hav to do some cajun food in that fancy new toy

Bob Ogus says:

Tater chips that’s better than Zappa’s??? Hmmm I is gonna has to see for me self.

Bob Ogus says:

Tater chips that’s better than Zappa’s??? Hmmm I is gonna has to see for me self.

Christy's Cooking Channel says:

Booger is awesome!!! Glad you got a air fryer, I love mine. Your poutine looked so good. All the food clips you showed looked delicious. Thanks for sharing😃

Tim Oconnor says:

Hard to beat Grippos!

1WickedAngel1 says:

Hey boy 😎 Food looks delicious 👅 💦 I made Poutine a few months ago ! Yum 😋 Have an awesome day boy ! 💙💙💙

Jimmy Mclucas says:

Was the air fryer Union made ?

Queeniknowhoiam says:

Hey there boy!
Interesting🤔 contraption you have there!
Ive always wanted to try one of these air frying "thing a ma bobs", but was scared of frying anything without grease!
But guess what? I might think this thing over and just buy one….you done a great review, thanks boy!
I have other delonghi kitchen appliances, so I know they make quality stuff…
TFS. JB…"a boy..a girl a bye",✌

snow Whitley says:

I've been eaten fries with gravy and cheese for ever..I don't use air steams I believe I can do just as good with a baking sheet and cooling rack .plus I don't have room for one of them.Have a great week 🕯✌🇺🇸

Playamack Real o.g says:

I'm from Detroit and I lived in Windsor Canada we used to buy them every Friday

OleD33 says:

If you want to try a different brand of chips, Google Middleswarth chips. There made here in Pennsylvania. Best damn chips I've ever found.

Air Fryer Recipes with Booger500us says:

Hey Hozer!! Man this totally made my day and it's still morning hehe. I am sooooo glad you got the Delonghi 1363, it really does it all! and you said Poutine right the first time mon ami . Much love JB'ird and thanks for the shoutout!

getter7seven says:

It should be interesting to see what kinds of good trouble you get into with this thing in the mix JB, haha!

Charlotte Britts says:

I can't wait to see more air fryer recipes from you. Love Booger too

Greg Paul says:

You said it right the first time. Love all your videos. Been a fan for years!!!

Ken Alexander says:

Mernin Boy. How you doin Mr JB ?

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