Dinner Party Appetizer Recipes : How to Cut Bread for Canapes Appetizers

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Watch and learn from our expert cook how to cut bread for canapes appetizers in this free cooking video on dinner party appetizer recipes. Expert: Marieve He…

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Mike Whitehurst says:

I thought canapes ideally should be bite sized, pop in the mouth size ?
Personally i love the texture of crispy baked toasts with smoked salmon and
cream or cheese or which ever

greenwichwitch says:

great idea as canape bread is quite expensive and like you said is crispy

Bertrand Munier says:

Perfect ! she said creme fraiche as a french way and I thing creme fraiche
is FRENCH !!!!! in English Double creme or Single creme or sour creme a

soundblaster162002 says:

why does she say fraiche like that? haha shes white..

SasukeIsPwnage says:

I hate how expertvillage’s cameramen never know how to do their jobs. Don’t
look at the person’s face when they’re showing what to do! Geez!

Tuulish says:

its called “Rugbrød” in danish (Rye-bread).

Mike Whitehurst says:

Hey !! No way … what happens to the girl’s voice when she talks about
creme fraiche ? Does she become possesed by a eastern european dude for
that short time ! Or is it just a sad case of trying to be a little over
pretentious ? Speak ENGLISH woman !

raqlynn says:

wow…way to over pronounce creme fraiche

David Hicks says:

While I really like the attitude and presentation in her videos, that’s
just annoying as all heck when someone tries to say one phrase in a strong
accent. >.>

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