Dinner Party Appetizer Recipes : How to Make Salmon Canapes Appetizers

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Learn from our expert cook how to make salmon canapes for a tasty appetizer dish in thisfree cooking video on dinner party appetizer recipes. Expert: Marieve Herington Contact: www.marieve.ca Bio: Marieve Herington has had a passion for the culinary arts and entertaining since she was very young, opening her first freelance event coordinating and catering company when she was only 16. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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Ansel297 says:

What a dumb video. She starts the video at the end?? what crackers is she using? What is on the crackers if anything?? Dumb Dumb Dumb

OmegaCentauri2012 says:

I was looking for Part one of this video, but i dont think it exists lol…..

rocinante88 says:

I signed in just say, are you kidding me? Great end of a recipe. Remind me to avoid ExpertVillage until they change their name to VillageIdiot

stoggit0017 says:

Who starts a how to video with “Now time for the last step?” Fail.

pldon says:

Sort of incomplete. What kinds of crackers taste best with smoked salmon? What is the herb mixed in with the cream cheese? More info!!!

coolcan81 says:

I’m at a loss for cooking ideas and my date is coming over tonight! ty cookingdinnerfortwo (.) com

TheVittleVlog says:

Looks excellent!

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