DIY easiest candy recipe ever ! | chewy candy!

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·kiwi editz· says:

Thx so much for this!!

isaiah shannon says:

umm. this litleary just made burnt sugar

Shreya Kanthe says:

The black mat that you use what was that and what can I use instead of it…………plz reply coz I'm going to make it.


What can we put in place of vinegar??

Simone Pengel says:

Do you have to stir.. or not in those 10 mins ?

Rainbow Kitty says:

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm so yuuuuuuuuummy!!!!

Arianna Sim says:

what black mat did u use reply pls i wanna know

Anthony Barnett says:

Hi there, love the recipe, I’m really close to perfecting it in terms of being solid. But it’s too sticky for me to handle, I was wondering if you grease your hands before handling? Thanks

ㄒㄖ乂丨匚乂ㄚ乙 says:

Very sweettttt your are the best!!

Lorry Garcia says:

can i use brown sugar???

J's Pets and Crafts says:

Mine always crystalizes

Oxeye says:

Can you add some orange juice to make it orange taste?

Lorry Garcia says:

does it work for ya'll??

Le damn duck says:

Im to small to make :(

No Planet B says:

Is it hard to clean the pot and surface you made this on?

Jabez says:

What song did you use?

Rashmi Agrawal says:

Can you please tell the name of the paper that you used

Vera Wong says:

For those who wonder why their candy doesn't turn out, it's because she used medium low heat. Not low heat……. I tried this recipe 4 times just to get a perfect consistent
And the candy actually melts after a few hours in room temperature so put it in your fridge

Sydney Riney says:

Looks good but my teeth hurt looking at it

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