Dorm Friendly Meals + Quick Snack Recipes

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1. 8 Ramen Hacks:
2. Comfort in a Mug 4 Ways:
3. Unexpected Crockpot Desserts:
4. 90s Snacks 4 Ways:
5. Push Pop Hack:

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Nubar Eminova says:

Where is the list of ingredients?!

Chii1991 says:

How about you rename the video: "Everything with cheap Ramen"

Pineapple Pen says:

Please list the ingredients that you are using. It is difficult for viewers to try these recipes without knowing the ingredients and the amount of them.

Elise Tibbits says:

Ramen tacos? Disgusting

Smita Gunjal says:

please add the ingredients and cooking time

scnnycat says:

how to make sodium taste better

hexesayuri90 says:

First every student has only instant noodles and a mug for cooking and 5 minutes later they have a slow cooker??? what kind of magic is that?

Inspiring Irisje says:

Which recipe is at 3:55 ?

gabriella marie says:

so yall buying ground meat and tomatoes and onions and cheese and sour cream at the store for a taco….. but picking up a pack of ramen instead of taco shells. make it make sense???

SlothAndWolf says:

Did you guys forget to add the subtitles?

ayumihamano says:

The links to the recipes just links to the video. WTF!

YokaiToyBox says:

Can someone please tell these people ramen doesn't make it "dorm friendly"? I currently live in a dorm. We have a microwave and that's it, we don't have any accesss to an oven or nothing at my school.

Pashlene Naidoo says:

Those noodles that get ready in 2 minutes are not healthy at all and you expect students brain to function on junk…and also there has been studies proven that those type of noodles do not digest easily in ones stomach.

Moka Akashiya says:

The ramen ones look nasty. Also from what I’ve seen visiting my friends dorm, they just get a microwave. That’s it. Most of this is not able to be cooked in a microwave.

Samriddhi Srivastava says:

Amazing ….

pinkniles says:

how is ANY of this dorm friendly lol? a pan? who has a kitchen? more over who's letting you have a microwave?

brittany031208 says:

Did no one notice when they put ice cream on top of the chocolate cake it switched to whipped cream when they cut into it!? 😂 why is no one talking about this? 🤣

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