Dried Red Beans Taste Test

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Camellia VS Blue Runner bean comparison

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Alex Paulson says:

I think I'm just going to have to put an order in. Red beans and some crowders on their website. I NEED to know what I'm missing! Thanks for sharing!

Deb Nola says:

Let me say, I used Camellia Brand for 45 years. Then I started finding a lot of dirt and little rocks. My rinse water was muddy. So, I tried Blue Runner brand 'dried' beans. No dirt or rocks in my Blue Runner dry beans, and the beans are nice and plump. I boil them without seasoning for one hour, then add my seasonings.

BeeRich33 says:

No goofs in my videos. I remain anonymous.

Boo LuQuette says:

Pay attention BOY I say pay attention BOY….. Now here's how you do this BOY. I say pay attention BOY , DID you hear me BOY……… LMAO ~!~!

Great video Mon Ami ………..

There are a few of us wandering about the Spring Fling ???????

Mary Ellen Rossi says:

Once I tried Camilla beans I was hooked!! So wonderful!! And as so sausage that goes with the beans, I've been ordering my sausage from Louisiana as soon as I got into cooking cajun foods and watching your videos!! We have great views of the ocean or the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, but we don't have great sausage!!

Bob Loblaw says:

DAMMIT JB!!! WoTF called you out????

thebigmcnasty2112 says:

Loved the video, and all your videos! Hope you and your folks are doing well. Keep on keeping on, brother.

Tom's Test Kitchen says:

Good comparison JB, I always use Camellia and have seen Blue Runner in the store. I've thought to try them but Camellia always turns out great so I don't want to mess around with red beans and rice.

Ken Alexander says:

Camellia Brand is the Best Beans.

Brad Richards says:

I prefer Camellia red beans as well. I like to eat smoked jalapeƱo sausage with my red beans. Good video JB.

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