Dump and Go CROCKPOT MEALS Compilation

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A tender, juicy compilation featuring 9 easy slow cooker recipes & crockpot meals for dinner! Back-to-back recipes for dump and go crockpot meals a.k.a. slow cooker freezer meals – easy to meal prep (and freeze!) ahead of time so they’re ready to cook whenever you want ‘em.

You’ll find loads of healthy slow cooker recipes for all lifestyles in this compilation: plenty of chicken crockpot recipes, a slow cooker pot roast, my beef crockpot chili, a few slow cooker soup ideas (including a vegan option), and MORE! Nine deliciously easy, healthy dinner ideas that are perfect for meal prep or family dinners.

You can find all of these easy crockpot recipes linked below!

SLOW COOKER RECIPES from this video:
► Dump and Go Crockpot Meals https://bit.ly/2UUJa8d

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► SLOW COOKER: http://amzn.to/2qOAT5v
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Mind Over Munch says:

What’s your favorite thing to make in the slow cooker??!

Gerry Garcia says:

Dang I might have to sub

sharon anderson says:

I'm glad you're back doing videos.

Cian Cavooris says:

0:51 Beef Chili
1:53 Fajita Beef
3:09 Coconut Lamb + Lentil Curry
4:55 Cilantro Lime Chicken
5:57 Pineapple Asian Turkey
7:05 Vegan White Bean Chili Soup
8:01 Tuscan Chicken Soup
9:06 Sweet Sesame Chicken
10:14 Chicken Pot Roast

Nech Wi says:

I'm gonna try these. You know its a good video when you say i would eat that too something you would'nt normally eat.

Lan Nguyen says:

The slow cooker is one of my most favourite kitchen equipment in the kitchen!

Erica Doyle says:

omg when she pronounced worcestershire sauce . it was so funny. defo going to give a few of these a try . xx

Allysyn Overton says:

Those nails are giving me life! What color???

Allysyn Overton says:

Yum!!! These are great and healthy!

OrangeTabbyCat says:

Does anyone do "summer crockpot meals"? I am in Germany and here is so much healthy food growing locally here. I hardly use the Crocky in summer but I want to. With all the meat plant scandals here I am not buying meat in supermarkets anymore. The few times I buy meat will be from local farmers who have their cows outside and sell their own products. So I would need mainly vegetarian summer dishes. Any ideas?

Casey Humphrey says:

I want to try these so bad because a slow cooker is the only way to cook in my dorms but it’s so much food for just myself. How can I adjust these portions to just one person?

gillythebean1 says:

I’m going to try all these. All look delicious

Krissy bella says:

Ppl omg please dont put raw ground beef in your crockpot…..you should ALWAYS cook your ground beef first then you can freeze it with the other ingredients……..


Best slow cooker video on YouTube

Christeen Price says:

First time here, thanks so much, awesome

Cynthia Molenaar says:

Finally an american slowcooker prep video that is indeed about healthy meals!
I saw so many only using packages en tins. And those meals looked very pale and non atractive afterwards. Yours look healthy and fillingbat the same time. Thanks for sharing!

R R says:

Cornbread in the slow cooker!

Sanbika says:

It’s nice to see a variety of meats. I love my crockpot but sometimes the recipes get so repetitive.

leenamisti says:

I was exactly looking for these types of recipes. Thanks a ton! And your salt and paper are mindblowing!

Nekilof - says:

that ying-yang salt pepper is outta control!!!

Wayde Shields says:

we all gonna ignore that at 5:12 she made a yin yang symbol with the salt and pep! All for a 1 second shot?!, Thats quality people. protect her.

My YouTube Channel says:

I loved the yin/yang detail with the salt and pepper at 5:13.

Jessica Nunez says:

What size is your crockpot ? thanks

Ethan Fletcher says:

oof addomg salt to a dish with soy sauce already wanna kill them kidneys lol

M Del Valle says:

That title sounds like my morning routine.

Rachel says:

These all look incredible – next trip to the store I'm gonna give one of these a try! Thank you for sharing!

Brittbratthekittycat says:

Subscribed because “munchies” is adorable.

WickedAliens says:

I don't think ive ever purchased freezer bags this big. Can you tell me what size they are?

First Last says:

What fat ratio for ground beef in the chili?

Huskypilot 630 says:

Quantities would help. Oh I guess I need to buy a recipe book online. There are many slow cooker recipes on YT , why would I pay you when I get them for free

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