DUMP & GO CROCK POT MEALS | Quick & Easy Crock Pot Recipes | Fall Food Friday!

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In today’s video I’m sharing 4 dump and go crock pot meals…dinners to be exact! These SUPER cozy dinners are PERFECT for fall AND they’re kid approved! But the BEST part about these dump and go meals is that they really are quick and easy to prepare, there’s not a lot of chopping involved, nothing has to be precooked AND these slow cooker meals can be ready in just a few hours….they’re not the kind that have to cool ALL day long!

Check out Falon from Moss Family TV’s fall recipe video! https://youtu.be/32gAE4CNfIM
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Rachelle S says:

Literally doing all of the recipes next week! I’m so excited

Gina Dyson says:

hi , i need all the slow cooker recipes from ya , thank u.

mr macmartinez says:

Left my beef stew in the freezer do you think if I put it into the crock pot with the ingredients for 10 hours on hi it would still work?

xoAngelicaF says:

I have that crockpot & I have the original crockpot also I love having more than 1.

Yazzie Gibs says:

… read it as Crack Pot Meals 😓

Jack Le Ripper says:

In United Kingdom and many parts of Europe and Australia , New Zealand even India…a Dump means going to the toilet…you know a number 2 …going for a dump ! 🤮

Susan Merlin says:

I love writing these down for later use and trying new things. I have 5 boys well two are grown now. But I wanted to say I love how you show the ingredients at the beginning of the video then show how to make, easier to write it that way.

svntrs says:

pausing the video to say your nails are FABULOUS!

Cori Sinnott says:

What if you don't like onions? Do I really need to add them?

Sue Fox says:

I would love to see homemade chicken n dumplings

Dj Smith says:

Those were some great recipes, keep the crockpot ideas coming as a single dad I become repetitive in my dinners.

59cottoncandy says:

I came over from Moss Family TV's channel and subscribed :)

Anna how do you say that says:

What size is your slow cooker?

Morgan snyder-adams says:

Let’s see some low carb options!

shirala1972 says:

Regarding the cranberry meatballs, I’m making them tomorrow and my question is when I put them in the slow cooker should they be frozen or thawed out?? I bought a bag of frozen and I don’t know whether to put them in the refrigerator tonight or leave them in the freezer until I make them

Ashlee SHIPE says:

I hope you do more of these kinds of videos .. this was my favorite of the series so far

Fabulous Delicious Food Recipes says:

Great recipes. I love cooking in the slow cooker it's so much easier. However my friend sells Tupperware and she came over for dinner last night and my wife and her made a bundt cake and a lasagna in the Microwave in those Tupperware. Took half the time and it tasted awesome.
I'm subscribed to your channel.
Check out mine and let me know what you think of my recipes.

Candy Snyder says:

I have truly enjoyed your crockpot recipe videos we have a nine person family, my daughter and her family live with us, and my adult son also lives with us. Dinners can be a rush and often are quick meals that are geared to the children of the house. I love this idea of crockpot freezer meals!! Thank you!!

BajanRoots says:

I love the slow cooker liners I wish I discovered them earlier. The crockpot is a challenge to scrub lol

Bri Clements says:

Thank you for that mac & cheese recipe! My family loved it❤😍

Heba Lababidi says:

I’m making my second recipe today!! Thank you so so much. If you can do more of these dump and go please do!!

Christina Angela says:

I find that raw onions cause a funky taste in slow cooked meals? Do you ever detect that? Any suggestions?

Elizabeth Shaw says:

My Aunt Diane who used to live in Michigan created this meatball recipe over 50 years ago. When I was little and came about having them we ended up naming them Menominee meatballs because that was the town in Michigan where she lived. I have lived around the world and learned that food can pop up in different places at different times when it is created. Someone else may have the same idea but I know them to be Menomonie meatballs that my Aunt Diane created a very very long time ago I wasn't born yet.

Ericka Larralde says:

More freezer meals (dinners) would be awesome! Thank you for sharing with us!

kathy parten says:

Thanks for a msg free dump and go. Do you have any more?

Thrifty Asian says:

I love that PW crockpot. She is my spirit animal. 😂

Mandy Ricketts says:

I used whipped cream cheese in the tortellini soup. That way it could melt better.

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