Easy 3 Ingredient Christmas Candy Recipes!

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Easy 3 Ingredient Christmas Candy Recipes!

In today’s show, I will be making some easy 3 ingredient Christmas candy recipes, including Almond Joy haystacks, Mounds and pecan caramel turtles! These are easy Christmas candy recipes with few ingredients and they only take a few minutes work to make! These recipes are perfect for parties, get-togethers and gifts! Everyone raves about how wonderful they taste! Come join me!

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Linda says:

I would love to learn how to make I think they're called haystacks with chow mein noodles😊 Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🤶 I just found you lovely couple!!

R. MsPhonics says:


Marc Williams says:

One of the best videos I have seen in a very long time. Best believe I’m gonna try a few of these candy tricks. Hope you and your beautiful family have an amazing holidays.

Net Net says:

Thanks for sharing. I love these recipes…

Beverly Alexander says:

U guys seem like ur having fun , my husband helped me do homemade refrigerator fruit cakes, 6 of them for our kids and grandkids. It's so fun working together. Gonna see if he wants to make some candy . Thanks for the recipe.

Amy L Ausborne - Hopkins says:

Having "help" in the kitchen is usually helpful but having "help" that takes up prepping area space for the laptop is the kind of "help" I can do without! Why is he JUST STANDING THERE.. looking vacant!

Lisa Rossnagel says:

Those hats are a riot!

Brenda Troy says:

Have you and hubby ever dumpster dived??

Hannah Allyse Kim says:

I'm a young mom living overseas in Korea, and watching your videos makes me feel like I'm in the USA at home with you in your kitchen! I feel your motherly care and love seeing your giggles and laughs with your family…feeling so comforted and encouraged watching your videos! <3 Merry Christmas! God bless you!

Elderberry Farm Life says:

Love how festive you all look!

Janice Kirk says:

What temperature do you use to melt the caramels over the nuts?

Karen Rankin says:

Where did you find your nativity bling one for your microwave?

Christy Mcdonald says:

Can I use evaporated milk

Sherri Lee says:

I love your hats

Izzynbuddy says:

Those hats! Haha love them.

Sierra Bleu says:

U might want to.keep.the kiddies at Gram,s .

heather naoum says:

LOOOOOVE your cooking apron can you tell me where you bought please

Rose Sanchez says:

Luv ur hats😄😄😄

Rose Sanchez says:


Happy Cook says:

Ha, ha ha "Looks like a white turd." Now those are instructions even I can understand and relate too. Thank you for all these recipes. You have inspired me to try.

Happy Cook says:

Those are the biggest, funniest holiday hats I ever saw. Fantastic!!! So festive it made me smile. And we can all enjoy a reason to smile especially these days.

Sally Mangan says:

I laughed so hard when your kids were going “Mommm! That’s so gross!”

Sharon Hill says:

Great video ,I’m definitely going to make the Haystacks Tfs take care and have a good one…….~Sharon

Midsouth Homestead says:

Love the hats. Thanks for the recipe!

Tess Oxford says:

Can you use bark

Melissa Holman says:

So my mom had made fudge from a 3 ingredient recipe on Facebook and was so bummed when it didn't set. Would you know why that may be? Is there a way to fix it? I will have her try this one.

RoadRunner says:

Wyoming: the land of ice and snow!

Janie Van Hoozer says:

Do you still have binlrs

Gina S. says:

How much is shipping on your cookbooks?


I am so amazed as to how organized you two are!!! So great to watch your show!

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