Easy and Authentic – Carne Asada – Beef Taco Recipes – Clarita’s Corner Video

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Want to learn how to make beef tacos? Let Chef Clarita show you an easy to make, authentic Mexican recipe in under 5 minutes for carne asada tacos. Watch now!

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KissThe Chef says:

Why does this video editing scare me?

Venus Hergesheimer says:

Mmm muy deliciosos

Venus Hergesheimer says:

I love Mexican food better then American food

Venus Hergesheimer says:

I’m in love with carne asada tacos

spiralout72 says:

I didn’t hear anything she said. I was too busy thinking about fucking her spic brains out.

Josh Damigo says:

I want her to cook for me

William Robarts says:

I LOVE LOVE your recipes! I have been searching for some time for some authentic Mexican recipes……recipes for carne asada tacos, the different salsa's that go with them, etc etc. None have quite nailed it as well as you have. LOVE LOVE the Flautas recipe too! Anyways, I especially like your smart, simple practical cooking style, videos have a nice flow. You obviously started learning these recipes and technics long ago, you cook and prep with such efficiency. Thx again, I sub'd obviously! Also, I love pozole! Do you have one of those????

gojo197zero says:

o kay, white person here and more than likely one of many since most Mexicans know how to make. So what kind of meat Iche sprechen sie Deutsch, not Spanish.

Denis Guerrero says:

great idea but I would have BBQ it and then chop it up

Tandem Bicycle says:

That looks so delicious. Thank you for sharing. ❤️👍

james cornwell says:

If I could have given this video 1,000,000 likes I would have..so here you go: 1,000,000 LIKES!!! Just awesome..thank you so much for these recipes!

Frank Rulli says:

One hot mexican! Like sheila marie

Behzad fahandezh says:

Perfect way to make it. You are the best. Y también la foto de perfil con una sonrisa tan bella. Así es una mexicana adorable. Viva México

gloryoski2002 says:

I wish we could see the finished product, instead of previews of your other videos…

Scott 1 says:

Why add the salt if your going to put salt on salsa or lime ?

Ron Moss says:

Lord have mercy…stunning to say the least

Clorox bleach says:

u look like ur always horny wet pussy nice booty nice dark tits fine ass mexican i would pound ur fat ass hard all night

Central grow420 says:

Tacos look bomb U look 👀 bomb yum yum 😋

CriticismFairy says:

what makes you think she would marry any of you ugly fucking losers

anonymous says:

Carna Asada is suppose to be made on a grill. That’s the point

Alcott Cuntworthy says:

The camera man points the camera right at her tits a few times, was a pleasant surprise.

jaime torres says:

Yours looks better than most the ones on here you get a 👍🏻

Chris Gonzalez says:

Love the recipe……and also u r gorgeous and a blessing to look at 😎😉

Mustardeer M says:

Looks legit. How can I make salsa that's not spicy I hate spicy food

*The Greatest Troll Ever* says:

Omg 😍 Clarita u are beautiful

Tre-von Rosen-hardy says:

Post the full recipe in the description

Christine Martinez says:

Excited to try this recipe! Is there an ingredient

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