Easy & Authentic Mexican Recipe for Shrimp – 2:49 Video

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Find out how to make an easy authentic Mexican recipe for cooking shrimp, crafted in under 13 minutes.

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Deez Nutz In Your Motherfuckin Mouth Bitch says:

That looks bomb…I'll be right back I gotta go to the grocery store lol

Chris Gonzalez says:

DAMM u fine lol …shrimp is my favorite…

Katerina G says:

Sexy…lol looks good . This would make a nice romantic meal.

Carlos Ponce says:

Making this today!!!

L D. says:

Parsley???? authentic Mexican recipe would use cilantro!

Stephen Schertz says:

That muusssic! So good though! Love it , Love it Love it

Marlin Beltran says:

preped and butterflied what does that mean?

william wallace says:

Another amazing video. Keep up the god work.

alex segovia says:

your the best. I've learned a lot. Thank you.

Mary Rodger says:

yummy! Thanks for the video.

Christina Rutherford says:

Looks yummy! I love 🍀! πŸ˜‹

Damaris Guerrero says:

what side would you make that with???

luis diaz says:

Would you marry me? You are the perfect woman for me

Anne-Marie Harrison says:

Clarita, if i may, can i ask, what gives you the right?

Carlos Luengas says:

You seriously need to come back and make a video lol. By the way I don't know why I just watched this I'm allergic to shrimp. Looks goods though πŸ˜‰

Nicole Padilla says:

I love your videos will you be making any more videos?

Laura Morales says:

oh my god spicy shrimps they look so good thank you beautiful lady😊

marla kitchen says:

I make something like that except I just add veggies, I will try urs. Looks so good my mouth was watering lol! Thx so much for ur recipe.

michael omalley says:

Taste amazing! Thanks for the great video!

Lua Rodriguez says:

I've always wanted to learn great Mexican recipes and I am so happy to have found your channel.
Growing up my mom was always too busy working two jobs that it made it really difficult for her to teach me any of her home cooked skills. I find comfort in your videos because you remind me of my mother and how much passion and love she put into her meals. It's so nice to finally learn step by step instructions on great authentic recipes. Keep the videos coming, I cannot wait to learn more!

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