Easy Chicken Breasts Recipe! Cook this Recipe If you want to surprise everyone

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Easy Chicken Breasts Recipe! Cook this Recipe If you want to surprise everyone

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IfYouScared GoToChurch says:

He didn't clean that Chicken…Disgusting

Dan Hanna says:

Tasty. Suggestion: Please sharpen your knife. I was getting a little nervous when you were slicing the tomato.


I thought this included potatoes????

Scahoni says:

At the moment all I can afford is cabbage water

Lori Hanlon says:

I Love these kinds of videos. No unnecessary talking, soothing music & simple instructions.
Thank You! Just Subscribed 😎

Fat Goy Slim says:

Your knife needs sharpened

kita the cheetah says:

I don’t really like tomatoes can I do it without? .,.

Best Cooking says:

Wow, and it is great recipes. thank for your sharing. so yummy

Mia Miller says:

This is chicken quiche without the crust!

Eglis Perez says:

You could be a little more fast. Very slow cutting the chicken, tomatoes, etc.

G M says:

What kind of white cream is that?

Duke Dangerfield says:

Wtf was that

The Simple Life. says:

I'm so trying this right now!

kfc667 says:

Okay, but what do you call that? A chicken omlet?

NoX2Dream Odie says:

It doesn't look very appetizing but it might taste.. ok. Maybe ill try it.

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