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Crockpot Freezer meals are so convenient for our busy family! Thanks for joining us in the PHILLIPS FamBam Cook with Me FREEZER MEAL PREP. We take our Sunday’s to meal prep for the upcoming week for our family of 7. The best thing for us to do on Soccer Practice days is to prepare some easy freezer meals for the slow cooker or crockpot. The easiest and most convenient way to prepare a meal on busy days. Thanks for joining us for a couple more freezer meal recipes from the PHILLIPS FamBam.

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Valerie Knauber says:

Hey Tina and Danny!! I always love getting these hilarious videos. You and Danny always have me cracking up. Gives me great dinner ideas for quick meals. Love y'all as always. #fambammer4life

seflowe says:

Hey Danny, I make honey garlic chicken. It has ketchup, garlic, soy sauce, and honey with just a little basil. You pour it over chicken and cook in the crockpot!

Prime & Jenn Rodriguez says:

I prefer apple butter…

Marissa Bergeron says:

No jam I can’t stand it lol

amani jbareen says:

I want to tell u that u make my day by watching your video….you give such a positive energy

Ciara & Stephen Cassady says:

Y'alls Spagetti was 7 lbs 8 oz.
My 3 year old was 7 lbs 7.5 oz lol

Janine Gober says:

I have a challenge for you ! Make your own Velveeta! It's easy and no preservatives. If interested I can tell you where to get the recipe. I will be trying both of these yummy recipes.

shabnam sultana says:

Do u think I could use marmalade

Being Mrs Frasure says:

I'm going to try the peach one! I may try the other one without the spaghetti but I'm excited to see what you guys think of them.

kathy morton says:

Both meals look delicious ♥️

Lyndsie Thompson says:

Velveeta with rotel for dip 😋. Can add hamburger or sausage to it as well. Eat with TORTINA chips 😉

Rachel Lehmann says:

I love strawberry jam or Apricot

White House Blue Barn says:

New subscriber! Definitely love your spontaneous way to do your videos!

The Bunsen Baker says:

What vegetables would you pair with these. I like the have the veggies prepped and in the same bag as the rest.

Jessica Espinoza says:

Grape for my husband but my girls strawberry if it could be anything I would do butter with cinnamon and sugar lol

lottis81 says:

I hope the bag with pasta dont come open when frozen liquid expands when freezing but looks so good can't wait to hear from you if they are good or not!

Joyce Allen says:

I’m so excited for you to reach 100 K too! Love you!

Lady Typhon says:

Soy and jam should work well, just like honey soy and sesame chicken is HEAVEN.

Lady Typhon says:

I once used apricot jam on my pork ribs to help the dry rub stick. Was soooooooo good.

LemonadeMom says:

I am loving all these freezer meals y’all have been sharing! The peach mixture reminds me of a take on orange chicken 😋

Melinda Coombs says:

Next time, instead of cooking the chicken, pick up a pack of precooked diced chicken. It will save you a step from having to prep/cook the chicken.

Lisa Hill says:

Raspberry seedless jelly

Melinda Coombs says:

I do this recipe, but I use Apricot preserves or Orange Marmalade!!

Mlp p says:

Happy pancake day guys 🥞xxxx

Michelle Burgess says:

Great job Tina 😆 l'll nake spag bol but only freeze the bol part. The spag wasn't quite right once reheated. But at least if its only the bol then l can have rice or spaghetti. We also make hedgehogs which is mince neat and rice rolled into meatballs and then put in oven or slow cooker which you can add brith or a soup for it to cook in. The flavour combo and sides are only limited by your imagination..

Monique Snabel says:

Make your own orange chicken its really the same!

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