Easy Crusty French Bread With a Stand Mixer

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Our FAVORITE easy weeknight bread recipe! With a crispy crust and soft interior, this French bread is ready in just a couple of hours (no overnight rise necessary!)

FULL RECIPE & INSTRUCTIONS: http://www.lifeasastrawberry.com/easy-crusty-french-bread/

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Frances and Jerry England says:

Turned out pretty good. But baked too long or too hot for me. Slightly burnt the crust. Inside was still delicious. Definitely gonna keep using this recipe and tweaking it until I get it right.

Jack Snotty says:

The oven temperature was left out not only in the video but on her website as well. Kind of important. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Aria Inman says:

There are no ingredients. No real directions. Went to site….DID NOT PRINT. What is going on?

Pauli M says:

Do you need anymore flour?

Wwwcraftsw says:

Thank you! First successful bread I’ve made and tasted delicious.

Fatima Cuộc sống tại Saudi says:

20 minutes in 230C ?

Jules says:

do you really need to add so much flour?

charly simard says:

Why is there no quantities listed in the video ? How am i suppose to make it with no instructions

Utku Deniz Altiok says:

My kmix doesnt make a lump dough its splayed at the surface of the bowl. It can't piece together on the dough hook What is wrong with it ?

Laura Mychelle says:

Made this early this morning! Finally my first successful bread. I put 2 1/2 cups flour and seemed perfect but I decided to try another 1/2 cup and I think it was maybe too much. My bread totally burned on the bottom of my dutch oven but maybe I'll take it out of the oven sooner. Will definitely be making this recipe again

Catherine says:

I just made this last night and its amazing! Thank you! Its actually my very first successful bread :) I wish I can send you a pic. Thank you thank you 😊

Emmy-Lou Mckean says:

Great video! I have the bread rising now, fingers crossed it works :)

JP says:

Turned out great. Thank you!

Sandra Wheeler says:

Great recipe. I made bread for the first time today using this recipe. Turned out so good. Reminds me of the bread my Portuguese grandma used to make. She would make it into smaller loaves and add slices of chorizo to the dough. So yummy.

Rebecca Watson says:

The full recipe is NOT on the link you provided, it's at this link https://www.lifeasastrawberry.com/easy-crusty-french-bread/#anchor

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