Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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Check Out My Other Bodybuilding Recipe Videos at: www.youtube.com Download Your FREE Bodybuilding Diet Plan at: www.leehayward.com Friend Me Up On Facebook at: www.facebook.com Check out my Bodybuilding Blog at: leehayward.com Join the Total Fitness Bodybuilding “Inner Circle” Coaching Club at: www.TotalFitnessBodybuilding.com Mom always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day, and she was right. What do you have for breakfast each morning? A lot of folks just skip breakfast or they may grab a coffee and bagel and that’s it. However, if you are interested in building muscle and improving your overall health and fitness then you need to pay more attention to consuming a healthy breakfast each morning. One of my favorites is making up egg, egg white, and veggie omelets. Eggs are a great source of high quality protein and you can cook them with different kinds of veggies. In this video I’m making eggs with Lima beans. This makes for a satisfying meal that’s high in fiber and nutrients. I’ve also got another egg recipe video where I’m cooking eggs with bell peppers at www.youtube.com In addition to that I’ve posted up several tasty high protein meal ideas below: High Protein Cup Cake Recipe www.youtube.com High Protein Coffee Recipe www.youtube.com High Protein Muffin Recipe www.youtube.com High Protein Pancake Recipe www.youtube.com High Protein Hot Chocolate Recipe www.youtube.com High Protein Oatmeal Recipe www.youtube.com

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Brent Brehony says:

great thx!!!

CarlM1997 says:

Peanuts/Sunflower seeds are both good

TheSchollk says:

He sorta reminds me of bill hader

sumthin5 says:

Breakfast?bitch please : intermittent fasting no more breakfast bitch !!

Anthony Medina says:


MangnoG4m3z says:

Also roasted low or no-sodium peanuts.

MangnoG4m3z says:

Tuna’s a good one.

Pat Bloomfield says:

Sounds awesome :-)

stajwg says:

nice video LEE when i cook my eggs iI use some minced garlic green and red peppers white onions and some garbanzo beans (=

liovarjo says:

perfect timing lee im literally in the kitchen right now bout to to make breakfast lol

Enanurri says:

Hahhahahah, can’t stop laughing

flamingpyroman says:

Olive oil is fairly healthy, but you should only use LIGHT olive oil for high temp cooking, not Extra Virgin. EVOO has a lot of chlorophyll and plant esters that burn at high temperatures leaving behind carcinogenic byproducts.

paul mcgrath says:

Desperate to gain weight nothing seems to work sitting watching ur videos and writing out a list hopefully this is good trying to bulk before going to the gym if I gain weight ur an absolute miracle worker great videos and keep them coming :)

SkinnyBoiPhat says:

What about taking VegeGreens in the morning? It advertises having 6-8 servings of veggies per serving.

KneelbeforeZod25 says:

When I cook my egg whites I put a couple spoonfuls of minced garlic in with the eggs,but I love garlic lol

KneelbeforeZod25 says:

Hey Lee what about cooking in Olive Oil?

Ed Jr. says:

Good Lee. Thanks man

Dl343 says:

Leehayward: a hen’s biggest nightmare

merakli07 says:

Thank you! These days I was looking for some breakfast ideas, I am tired of drinking a glass of milk and a banana

5RottenMeatBalls says:

(High protein high fat low carb)
93% Lean 7% fat ground turkey mix it with frozen veggies (I do the carrot corn peas and green beans) add a few whole eggs and some green chilies for more flavor.

Mike Bowens says:

Dang I usually just do egg whites with ma oatmeal and turkey sausage…. Is it bad to do a fried egg every now and then let’s sY maybe twice a week

cinimontoast says:

cottage cheese, a banana, some peanut butter

Dl343 says:

Beefy jerky, turkey sandwich, protein shake

kid319009 says:

yea i agree, do you know a healthy, non-refrigerated snack, that we could bring in our backpack? college student here who tries to avoid the high sodium b/s of quiznoes and such

Jey Kif says:

Hey Lee this is off topic but: Is it good or bad to workout every muscle group every day (full sets)

BW70261 says:

lee, what else could i use instead of beans? just to mix it up alittle

weximan1 says:

lee,i mix 100 grams of oats with 4 eggs and 4 egg whites and cook on pan i find it a handy way rather than cooking them on their own

TheFineolase says:

lee could you do a video on a high protein meal i can bring to school

sasuke343 says:

dood im sorry pnce I heard lima beans I had to turn away I hate lima beans with a passion



Dice Hunter says:

Thank you mr lee, will have this tomorrow :)

tbayguy says:

I have a quart mason jar of thick green smoothie with yellow pea, hemp and brown rice protein powder, spirulina, flax seed, large handfull of baby spinach, 1 cup frozen blueberries and 2 bananas.

mike snyder says:

Like the nutritional info on the screen!

piccgamer says:

Thanks for this.

shreddybrek says:

Would have maybe tried something like this before I started my competition diet. Now I just stick to eggs and rice crispies

ocnble says:

diced tomatoes x2/bell pepper x 1/2 /onion 1/2 / mozarella cheese/pepper/salt/ 4-5eggs – mix

jh2k3j5hjkh says:

And by the way, using unsaturated fat in a frying pan basicly makes it saturated, but worse.
For frying you really should use saturated fats.

jh2k3j5hjkh says:

An easy way to get veggies in your breakfast is also to put some on your sandwich… 😀

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