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Cheap Lazy Vegan says:

If you live in the US be sure to check out Thrive Market to get $60 of FREE organic groceries + free shipping ($20 off for first three orders): http://thrv.me/cheaplazyvegan-20off3
No code necessary, just click the link and this special deal will be applied at checkout!

nicole d says:

Hi everyone, if you ever have the time please help me to pay for my mom’s surgery… any amount will surely help us!

Peculiarities says:

As a brit, love the accent xD

Rafaela M. Russi says:

Americans have a can for everything huh?

Ariana Dawson says:

This video is the BOMB. love all the recipes!

City crazy says:

Yummmmmm awesome 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😍🤗

Y&S FOOD! says:

Wonderful video! Here at Y&S FOOD! we love to discover this style of content. We make Travel & Food video as well, around the the world, and so we are habitually looking to get inspirations and creative concepts. Thank You.

Marija611 says:

Take a shot every time she says from thrive market

Fru-Gal says:

I really like these "protein" style vegan videos.

Nora Chance says:

I can't deal with the way you talk! Why is that bothering me so much? Ugh!

Culinary Gurly says:

Chili is a rancher dish where they used jerky and canned items which they would have on hand. The cook on the cattle drive would make it for the big meal they could have at night. It has taken some tips ans tricks over the years to become an easy home recipe

Christopher Holloway says:

I am working at becoming vegan. Definitely a journey.

Jessie NoneYaBiz says:

What bread did you use for that chickpea salad sandwich? It looked good! Really want to give that recipe a try

Evolution of Masha says:

I love cooking with TVP….so easy!

Sarah says:

Gotta soak that chia, girl! You're just gonna poop those out. D:

ivy c says:

can canned tomato be substituted with fresh tomatoes? i cant find any canned ones in any supermarkets….

P S says:

First video I see from your channel, and you already won a new subscriber, this is actually really helpful since I am thinking about going vegan (or at least eating more veggies). You don't seem like many vegans (I know this will sound a little offensive but whatever), you seem normal and funny… not like an untouchable, tan god/goddess. Anyway, love from Argentina 😉

Sarah Grant says:

TVP….NOOOOO!! Don't you find it….uh….gives you horrible diarrhea? Or is that just me? 🤤

Bee Bop says:

the food looks great and the colors you are wearing today are becoming on you (ie: shirt and lipstiick)

Erica Spruill says:

I love egg salad but your chick pea salad looks delicious!

AlwaysEating Death says:

oh i like the chickpea recipe without the mayo, i never have vegan mayo so i've never tried it, and i wanna

afrikurl says:

Adding kelp granules to my thrive basket right now!

MvC Gorilla says:

Do you have any Hummus vids? I love hummus, there are so many ways you can make it. Also I would love to see a vid on your version of a chick pea salad. Yumm! Great vids. As a chef that works at a fast pace in high heats you don't see a lot on the vegan side. I think a lot of kitchens are not prepared for vegan dishes and I would love to add some ideas to our menu. I enjoy your vids. Good music, entertaining, relaxing and educational :)

Kristin Little says:

Does the tofu add an odd flavor to the smoothie bowl? The protein aspect sounds great but it's hard for me to imagine enjoying a tofu smoothie bowl

Vicky Spijker says:

Please do a collab with supreme banana! 🍌 xxxx

Bexmaddy says:

Love the avo option and your food art skills are on point! Love your channel!

Coupon Star says:

Actually your food DOES look “insta-worthy”. BUT.. I watch and follow you because you’re real and make things I’ll ACTUALLY make. So you’re worthy of my time. Because that’s precious to me. I don’t have time to watch ultra edited fake videos of girls who use the word vegan for views. I’m not even vegan. I’m vegetarian but teaching my 11 year old vegan by choice what to expect by giving herself that label. Anyway, I show her your videos because we’ll actually make what you showed. I love your channel.

caylee246 says:

We need thrive market in Canada!!

Motivated Mikaela says:

I'm just loving your accent in this video Rose! Your the best! ❤❤❤

Ted Bundy says:

The dessert looked like your shirt lol.

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