Easy Lamb Stew | Instant Pot

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Easy Lamb Stew Recipe in Instant Pot is packed with juicy aromatic flavors, the goodness of veggies & a kick from the red wine. Every single piece of lamb morsel & the vegetables will melt in your mouth with unbeatable deliciousness. So do not hesitate to make this Lamb Stew in your Instant Pot today because this is the Best stew for sure & so easy to make! A single bowl of this Lamb stew cooked with baby potatoes will win your heart every single time!

Full Recipe for Easy Lamb Stew Recipe :

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Easy Lamb Stew Recipe in Instant Pot (Video)

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lx i says:

Sorry what is that appliance you are searing it in?

Sparky Darksider says:

Wow, that looks great👌, plus I love the fact you included the turnip, I'm gonna try this with lamb peices 😋

steve gordon says:

Nice but not much detail on measurements!

Mi Fi says:

I found this video really useful to get an idea of the method to make a stew in an instant pot. I made a version of this using dried herbs and I also added butternut squash. It was delicious.

G K says:

Why chicken broth?🤔

shanshan Liang says:

Ok, I going to made this tonight fingers crossed

Gaz 227 says:

I know how to make a great stew but just enjoy watching cookery videos. I make my stews exactly as you do, I think most people do. I've had stew given to me and the person that cooked it didn't sear the meat or fry off the onions and garlic. It was still good but I prefer my stews to be incredible. I can tell your effort was as good as it can be. Nice relaxing music too. I shall subscribe. 😁

Mike Angelo Molina says:

how many hours on slow cooker do you need to cook it>

Rainbow Snail says:

Lovely recipe, will have to try it out.

Rocky Pluto says:

It bothers me… but you can touch meat with your hands you know? Its not going to bite.

Desk Life Bliss says:

What can you use instead of red wine to deglaze ?

NOPE says:

Why can't open the site?

Marie Lim says:

U don't need chicken broth actually all the ingredients mixed well n boiled it's good enough to add in the lamb later n it taste delicious go with toast bread..

BriarLeaf00 says:

Just a tip, I'd slow it down and explain in more detail how you are setting the IP to pressure cook as well as whether you're using instant or natural release. As a longtime IP user I can tell by watching the video but newer or inexperienced users might not know.
The recipe looks delicious cant wait to try it as I'm a big fan of lamb.

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