Easy shrimp and red gravy Creole style over rice

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Shrimp Creole, another family favorite meal

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Playamack Real o.g says:

I made a lamb gumbo instead of shrimp try it jb if u need to no what kind of lamb use shank lamb chops clean the fat off the membrane marinade in butter milk for 2 hours pour off milk rinse the meat off this helps get that gammy taste out

Hocus Smokus KITCHEN & GRILL says:

I need to know how much you'll charge for that 2nd bedroom,cause after this………..Im movin in lol!!!!

Big Hungry says:

You know how to make some good shit man

Tom's Test Kitchen says:

I'll have to try that JB, sometimes light is good.

Deborah Atkins says:

I always look forward to your videos!! Can't wait to try this one too!!

426 SUPER BEE says:

Deeee licious i made fish soup with smoke oysters, the other day, over chopped up spaghetti noodles yesterday made picante sauce, so much better than pace or store bought > Rice is always good> Dirty rice yummy

Cooking with Chad and Kelly says:

Looks delicious!!

Chase Ferguson says:

Awesome voice over in the intro haha..love you JB keep on cookin!

Bob Ogus says:

How is crawfish season shaping up? Have you had the right weather conditions for an early and plentiful season?

One Crowing Rooster says:

Hey great video. Making it tonight. Thank you JB for sharing. Have a good day and a better tomorrow.

cayogator says:

show dat chocolate pie, I love em !

cayogator says:

My mother made that when I was a kid, took me till college (when I met a Charleston girl) till I realized how GREAT it was ! nice vid !

John Eldridge says:

Once again a home run!! JB, you never let us down. Keep em coming. By the way, or as the youngsters say "BTW" that granddaughter is adorable! All our grandchildren love gumbo also.

1WickedAngel1 says:

Holy Shit Boy ! Those dishes of food look delicious 👅 💦 its rollin' up on 3am & now I'm hungry LOL!! 😂 Thanks boy ! 💙

Eli Colner says:

Should do that chocolate pie that looked excellent

Pasie Rose says:


I'm Charming says:

“Put some stewed tomatoes ‘cause I like ‘em” – that a way, boy!!!

Marcella Maher says:

Yummmmm 😋

Carmen Batista says:

OK i want some now you made me hungery!!!!!

MOblackbird says:

My mother made this when we were kids, was one of our favorite meals. So easy to make.

Phil N Florence says:

I like everything you showed there. Serve me up a plate of alla dat. We ate rice for just about every evening meak at suppertime. It just wasnt gumbo & creole style. It was fry this and fry that e.g. chicken, pork chop, country style steak then make gravy. The closest thing was fish stew or red chicken stew. We sho missed out on lots of other good eatin like in your slideshow. I am redeeming the time.

Rick Bachman says:

My Better half is on a Keto Diet. I love rice. Trying to be supportive but DAM. YUMM!!!

Wren Wrenwood says:

I love to cook my rice down until the bottom gets crunchy, dab a little real butter and it's a meal.Add a some pinto beans (East Texan here) and cornbread and it's a feast.

Thomas Ciesla says:

Like it Chef! I also buy only American Gulf Shrimp to boot! Frozen, of course, cause I live in Denver, CO…. I also love rice too. Had Red Beans and Rice in New Orleans and it was super!

Kenny Roberts says:

Be good with linguine pasta

Oren says:

You can put some left over rice in a glass, a little sugar and fill with milk. Eat with a spoon. BTDT I need to make me some shrimp Étouffée over rice.

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