Easy Snack Recipes

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Hi Guys, today I’ll make you some easy and healthy snacks. These are fast snacks that require hardly any prep and just a few ingredients.
For the first snack, we’ll need celery sticks, raisins, peanut butter and little salt. I am not a huge celery lover but I’ll eat it this way. What you want to do with the celery is cut the bottom off and a little bit of the top. Make sure you wash the celery really well, this is usually where the dirt collects. Now if the celery is very stringy, you could peel it. Kids and adults hate stringy things and if there is a lot of stringiness, no one would want to eat celery. Just take the peeler and go down, it’s really quick. Nobody wants this stuck in their teeth. Clean, string free celery. Leave the peanut butter out of the fridge for a little bit, so it’s easier to spread. Take about a teaspoon and go straight across. Now I’ll put the golden raisins on top. This is a snack that kids can help making. They are more likely to eat the food they make themselves. The salt is optional but a little pinch on top makes it taste even better. There’s one healthy snack ready with no cooking and hardly any prepping. I love the crunch of the celery with the creaminess of the peanut butter and sweet chewiness of the raisins, it’s a nice balance.

The next snack is not only healthy but very affordable. This is a plaintain. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s like a regular banana’s cousin. Plaintains are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin c, potassium, vitamin b-6 and fiber. For this snack, buy plaintains that look yellow with some black which means it’s ripe and sweet. I always wash the outside first. Cut the top and bottom off. Divide it into five pieces. Put the pieces into a bowl, cover it and microwave it for 1 ½ minutes. After a minute and a half, this is what the plaintains look like. They’re hot, just flip them over and cook covered for another 1 ½ minutes. You can steam this on the stovetop, that’ll take a few more minutes. Now it’s ready, you can see the plaintains are coming out of the skin. They’re very hot, it’s best to wait a minute to cool. If I can’t even wait a second, I’ll cut the skin off with kitchen shears. Here’s the cooked plaintain, not the prettiest snack in the world but they are so tasty. I like to smash them with a fork so they cool faster and I can eat them right away. They taste like hot sweet banana gel. Kids love this because it’s naturally sweet and it’s so healthy because you’ve added nothing to it. It’s loaded with vitamins and not to mention inexpensive. One plaintain is about 50 cents and I doubt you can find a more nutritious, filling and delicious snack for less.

Next, I’ll grate two carrots. Leave the ends to save your fingers. Our nicely shredded carrots here. There’s always some inside the box grater. Put the carrots in a bowl. Now I’ll chop up some cashews for a little crunch. You can do this in a food processor if you’d like. Add the nuts to the carrots. I hate to buy a hundred ingredients for snacks so I am adding peanut butter that I already have. Snacks should be simple. You know I love my raw honey and I have this huge jar. I’m adding a little bit as a natural sweetener and a binder. It’s sticky and yummy. Sprinkle on some ground cinnamon. Mix all the ingredients well, pressing as you go along. Take a small spoon of the mix and form into a ball. These are best as a one bite snack, just pop them in your mouth. They are a little wet right now. Refrigerate them and they will firm up. They do taste best cold right out of the fridge. If your mixture ends up being too wet, add some oat flour to firm up the balls. Oat flour is just powdered oats, you can use a spice grinder for that. These snacks take hardly any time to make and don’t use any processed ingredients so they are very healthy.

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