EASY VEGAN ENERGY BALLS // protein packed snack recipes

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Back to school is almost here and these easy, vegan, no bake energy bite recipes are the PERFECT quick grab and go breakfast or on the run snack. These easy protein bites recipes are a quick and delicious treat whether you’re trying to get yourself out the door, or need a healthy snack that even your kids will love.

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The key to great energy bites, energy balls or protein balls is the combination of ingredients. You will needs sticky ingredients to get them to stick together, we like to use nut butters, dried fruit and agave as the base and then mix and match fun ingredients for various flavour combinations. The addition of oats and flours like coconut or almond give these balls some substance, protein and mouthfeel. The oats will also keep you fuller longer and really turn these into a substantial snack that will keep you satiated until your next meal. All you have to do is pick your ingredients and blend them in a food processor until you have a thick but workable dough or batter. Then put them in the fridge to soften the oats and roll them into balls! These energy-boosting protein balls will keep in the fridge for 2 weeks and in the freezer for up to 2 months!


►Pitted Dates
►Rolled Oats
►Chocolate Chips
►Hemp Hearts
►Peanut Butter


►Rolled Oats
►Chocolate Chips
►Hemp Hearts
►Peanut Butter
►Coconut Shreds
►Maple Syrup

Eamon here — would love your feedback on this Freestyle Friday episode! If you have any suggestions on vegan recipes you’d like to see… let me know in the comments below!

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Karim Younes says:

Most vegans have small fuckin dicks

Big Nick Digger says:

Eamon, loves Christians balls! #soyboy

L & T The Untraditionals says:

We love you guys ☀️☀️☀️

Andy Kozicki says:

Freestyle Friday is legitimately changing my life. Keep 'em coming!

JM says:

But for real can we see Bob's van? I keep dreaming about what he has done… my mind is going crazy! Love you guys to death and Eamon your sister Amanda is so adorable and inspiring, as a strong feminist I have to say she is a great addition to the YT community.

PS. Give out hugs for me to the following earth angels: Bob, Bec, and Amanda!

Lins says:

Ngl, I'd be sooooo stoked if you guys got a dog!

Josh Townsend says:

Hey Eamon & Bec! Been subscribed and following you guys for about a month now. Love the content that you guys put out! I myself am a meat and potatoes guy but your freestyle Friday videos have inspired my wife and I to start trying some vegan meals. We also think that a cook book from you guys would be awesome! Possible in the future??? Thanks for all you do. P.S. the dog looked great in the van!!!

S Hess says:

Hey….I just ordered a starter kit. The original….I’m just gonna sit here til it arrives…If I’m lucky, I’ll be drinking your ChaiWallaChai while watching the next Freestyle Friday … Love your videos….Sandra (from San Francisco)

Sugar Rotted My Teeth says:

Veganism The Unhealthiest Human Diet featuring Vegan Gains

Beverley Williams says:

Eamon and Bec, love your videos! My husband and I just bought a camper van and we are heading to Bon Echo on Thursday (we are in Toronto too!). Totally pumped for new adventures. Anyway. Eamon. How long do you think you can store these little balls of deliciousness in the fridge. Looking to prep some things before hitting the road :) I am a vegetarian and really appreciate your recipes.

Nina Thorén says:

I have a question for Eamon, what do you use to care for your tattoo? I will get one later this year and I live in Sweden so some products that people reccomend don't exist here so I just want to know what you use.

BecauseiVan says:

Haha nice one guys, thanks for showing us your balls 👌🏻

Broken Boundaries says:

My whole family loves these & I love your foodie Friday videos. PS you were my first videos that got me interested in building out a van. Guess what we bought a promaster to build out yesterday. YAY!!

Jasmyne Hall says:

When did you get a dog? Where did this dog come from?

Heather Renton says:

My most favorite "Free Style Friday" ever! I am such a "Granola Granny" these two recipes are perfect! Back in TO?!? What's up with Bob? Can't wait for the van update and assuming Bob's van is ready to roll…………..where will the adventure begin?

Carlos Benjamin says:

Can’t the Vitamix heat its own water?

Holly Walker says:

I make these all the time! Love them!!

introvertedlens says:

That video was "AMAZEBALLS" as usual. Thank you again you two.

Cisco Caballero says:

easiest way to clean vitamix is to blend water and soap then rinse!

Nomadic Bike says:

Love yo balls!

Vatsek says:

Ball party – just make comments about your neighbor's balls. Good idea, spreading already around Toronto?

Bobby D says:

Loving these recipes and the freestyle Fridays… Keep up the awesome work, you guys are great 😎

Deanya Schempp says:

Hey guys, if you Enable Community Contributions on the Freestyle Friday videos, I will do the captions for you, for hearing-impaired people.
I can't offer to do all your vids for free, but I can at least do the recipe ones for you. Thanks for another great recipe! (heart) you guys.

Tom Austin says:

Yummy and funny 😄
Thanks y’all for sharing and safe travels 🤪👍😎🚌⛺️🏔🌎🏝

Touring Tastebuds says:

The opening freestyle on point! Haha not a huge date fan alone, but that recipe sounds amazing! Gonna have to try this one out!

adrianawd says:

So funny to hear that intro :)) Love it!

Brittani Daily says:

Hey I love making these too! One of my favorite changes is instead of syrup or agave I use a banana and add some walnuts :) so yummy!!!

Stephen Hughes says:

Looks like a good energy ball for runners!! (or all athletes to be fare)

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