EASY VEGAN RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS (whole foods plant based, oil-free) // The Gamechangers Recipes

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Will pineapple says:

Thank you for making this video and being so thoughtful!!! Wanting to start on Vegan lifestyle and didn't know where to start your video helped so much!!! Vegan Train here we come!!!

Chedricka Strum says:

What can u use to substitute for red chili paste I can't find any anywhere

Eagles Fanatic says:

Try not to cut with your index on the knife try to pinch the knife with the thumb and index as you are holding the knife will be more comfortable. Especially if you need to cut a lot of things.

Trish Geiger says:

Wow! This is great! Thank you! I was concerned about changing to a plant based diet and getting enough protein. Not any more! And so easy!!

Nicholas James says:

1:44 my chickpeas bring all the boys to the yard

Peter Seng says:

I've a vegan for 45 days. I feel good. Love your recipe! I'm gonna try those.

Jonathan Root says:

If you want to attract more men to your channel get to it to vital information. You spent 3 minutes talking about superfluous stuff. I know I sound like a jerk but if you jumped right into it I think more men would stay. P.S. Awesome recipes…

Plant Based Cookery says:

Excellent video and you’ve got a new sub now. 😊👍

Pete says:

Holy shit This is my New Years resolution right here!!

Alaa Barakat says:

Omg I just watched that… who knows what’s that?

Maiseymax696 says:

So happy I found your channel. These look great!!!

Monica Flores says:

Yes exactly I watch the movie but don’t know where to begin … so I subscribed to your channel

Kay Crawford says:

Of course, let all us sheeple follow what a documentary told us despite the fact that the documentary creators have ties into the alternative meat industry (and that’s ignoring the origin story of your diet) which is interesting considering how much a lot animal products gets harped on for their supposed meddling. How about reading actual medical articles and not following what Becky the Influencer says?

ank ank says:

You had me until canned coconut milk… very bad for health.

👑🐝Queen Bee👑🐝 says:

I’ve never tried any of these recipes, but I will because trying to eat healthier….

Jennifer Tran says:

SO glad I found your channel after watching your collab with Lisa @theVietVegan! Thanks for sharing these, definitely going to incorporate them for some lunches this week!

M Aparicio says:

“That angry man can teach you how to cook.. idk what I’m saying” Lmao 😅😂🤣❤️

Pikeman50 says:

vegan food makes you weak and tastes like shit.

Jeff Knott says:

Vegans hate animals! All those poor wild animals that'd have an ecosystem to survive is demolished by all that fuckin farm land it takes to grow fruit n veg! Cunts!

Jc Hall says:

Just watch Game Changer and yes you have me I'm here.

Andrew T says:

I'm here because of, The Game Changers. And after watching, Cowspiracy.

Yofie Setiawan says:

Who come here after watch The Game Changers? Search for “vegan recipe”

Samuel Sweetmann says:

How many other men got tired of the blather at the beginning, and skipped ahead to where she actually started cooking something?

Maegan&Tyler says:

My boyfriend and I just started a Vegan YouTube channel where we're documenting our experience of being vegan through cooking, challenges and more! Check it out 💛🌞✨ freaking yummy looking!

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