Eating Seasonally: Winter

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A Guide to Eating Seasonally In Winter:

🥕while it is not always specified in my recipe or directions, please know that it is my recommendation that all ingredients are sourced organic, non-gmo, and local when possible.

Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe:

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Megan O. says:

Lovely video! I thoroughly enjoy your seasonal eating series- thank you!

Lovely Ley says:

Lol all that ketchup on the harsh brown 😂😭

The other Alys says:

I’ve saved this to my favourites list. Thank you 😊

Toni says:

Are bananas seasonal In Winter where you are? No hate just confused! Beautiful video as usual.

Reem Hssayki says:

Foods to eat Winter
Dark leafy greens
Beans and legumes
Oats ans buckweat.noodles
Nuts and seets
Nutrional yeats

love connection Rachel says:

Well done I love this! Some fantastic here! Will definitely be trying some of your recipes. I really would like some wooden cutlery now also lol

Eloise Bidegorry says:

I just discovered your channel (which is exactly what I needed to handle my life in Paris – yes, I'm French, and I am used to live in the mountains, not in any city… So Paris is a dream and a nightmare at the same time!), I absolutely love your content, and what you eat seems delicious…
I just would like to point out that avocados come from far away countries (mostly latinoamerican countries) and need to be avoided just as much as off season fruits and vegetables. I personally eat them quite rarely, even if I love how they taste and look! However, I'm thrilled to see how healthy your plates are 😉

Miss Lyntheena says:

Lmao the ad before this video was from SimplyCook where they send you everything you need for a recipe in a box and little plastic containers, guaranteed with chemicals.😂

Riddhi Agrawal says:

I think you're my current favorite youtuber at the moment. ♥

Krista Calipayan says:

Your channel reminds me of diligence. Thank you! May God Bless you more! ❤️

Pamela Noll says:

Wow….that was great! No drama, to the point and very pleasing. Love this kind of channel!!

Janka Horvath says:

I am so in love with your channel!

Abby Sams says:

Fun fact! The carbon footprint of fresh vegetables being shipped out of season is actually greater than the carbon footprint left by a plastic bag for food frozen in season.

M Mavjad says:

I love your channel so much. Your content plus the way you incorporate your faith is so beautiful. Have a blessed week. 🧡

aliaa mohamed says:

This is beautiful <3

Jennifer Marcil says:

The links don’t work.


like a work of art :) so cool, so nice! congrats

KendraWithTheCamera says:

beautiful video <3

Suzanne Thomas says:

You’re the most aesthetically pleasing channel 🌼 It literally gives me such good vibes. Please do post regularly, you’re really creative.♥️

nasmithey says:

Oh my goodness this vid is so inspiring!

Teigan Lee says:

these videos are so helpful, excited to see more of your videos as the colder months approach

Paula Vitória says:

i love everything about your channel. lots of love from brazil. 🇧🇷

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