Egg Breakfast Recipes-Great Egg in a Hole

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Close How to make a great simple and easy egg in a hole. Now this recipe calls for butter, but margarine or Olive oil will work just as well ( Butter is just my preference and tastes much better) For a list of the Ingredients used in this video along with other Egg Breakfast Recipes drop on by… Other know names: Fried egg in a basket,One eyed Jack,Egg in a nest, but I like Egg in a Hole cause I love golfing when I can.

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Serkan Destereci says:

For two eggs and toast bread 9 min. Explanation ? Little bit shorter pls.

babyfatrolls says:

Do u think I could scramble the eggs before putting them in the whole? Or will it not turn out as good?

ASSASYN187 says:

loved these as a kid as one eyed jacks. off to the kitchen now.

neilgargie says:

wow so simple yet so delicious. specially when a dad like you make it …. 

tehdudepersonman says:

i want that stove

Noah Midkiff says:

and that is called a bullseye not an egg in a basket

hotnellie says:

what a beast he plays halo

mrmeagaal16 says:

why do you have this weird but cool dad swag:)

jenwoodall says:

And that is called eggs in a basket not eggs in a hole

lilmomanglemom says:

a great dad

Irene Vega says:

Niiiice :) give u prop’s for being such a cool dad

elvmage73 says:

Good Job.

z28killsvtec says:

great video man! really helps for someone that dosnt know how to cook haha but thanks alot!

Marcio Salina Fernandes says:

Hahahahah, horrible

Brock Tilton says:

U look like a good dad

yelir92 says:

Your awesome

Asif Khan says:

THIS WAS AMAZING! Thnkzz Your Really Helpfull!

webman9999999999 says:

that is a great dad

roughryder5 says:

you failed the vid description was on the bottom…but your a cool cat either way

bon-acting maryjane says:


Quillons1 says:

I’ve been eating and making these almost the exact same way for 37 years! I make them for my 2 year old and he loves them. I just can’t believe how many people DON’T know what they are. The only main difference between mine and yours is I’ve always called it an egg in a nest. I’ve also heard it called egg in a basket.

Bojana Milikic says:

I really wish you would make more cooking videos! You rock!

Shrooms24Seven says:

butter dive 10/10!

ZagiriCalida says:

Mmm!!! I tried two recipes this morning for this. This recipe and another on youtube. This one is SO much better than the first one! Thanks for putting this up!
Beautiful son by the way. He seems so adorable! It’s easy to see you two have a great affection for eachother and that says a lot about how great of a dad you must be. <3

mackabout says:

u r an amazing dad

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