EPIC Vegan Sandwich Recipes that are made in MINUTES! | Easy Sandwich Recipes

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What’s your perfect food?! Mine is sandwiches. I can’t really describe it, they’re just so awesome! In today’s video I show you my three favorite vegan sandwich recipes. They’re easy, they’re delicious, and they’re quick to make! Watch to see my vegan club sandwich, vegan tuna melt, and a grilled sandwich that brings me back to my college days.

🥪Vegan Club Sandwich: https://www.theedgyveg.com/2021/06/09/club-sandwich-vegan-recipe/
🥓Rice Paper Bacon Recipe: https://www.theedgyveg.com/2016/05/30/vegan-bacon-make-vegan-bacon-using-rice-paper/
🍌Grilled Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich: https://www.theedgyveg.com/2021/06/09/grilled-peanut-butter-and-banana-sandwich/
🐟Vegan Tuna Melt: https://www.theedgyveg.com/2021/06/10/vegan-tuna-melt-recipe/
🌱My Newest Vegan Recipes: https://www.theedgyveg.com/recipes/

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Leander T says:

Avocado on that club sandwich would be perfect. 🙂

Bushnell Entertainment says:

those gloves are scary!!!

Guess The J says:

Carbs,sugar,carbs,sugar so nutritious…

jill says:

I agree, a sandwich is a good breakfast. Ok, I guess I need to try jackfruit. Tuna melts were one of my favorite foods.

Kendra Fortin says:

Ok, my east coast Canadian girls, where do ya all find jackfruit???? Been dying to try so many recipes with this and I can NEVER find it!!! #HELP

And just to add, every video I watch I end up saving cuz they are amazing….#ChefsKiss 💋

Kendra Fortin says:

What is she using….soy roll.? Someone help….

johan bauwens says:

What about a simple sandwich with guacamole, hummus or baba ganoush ?

vicmaine says:

What's your take on a Chick Pea Salad sandwich? Also can you make an oil free mayo?

Anita K says:

Thank you for these recipes!! You are fantastic!!💗🌱😋

Fortune Channel says:

Yummy food . Enjoy .have a wonderful day 🎁🔔🙏

JustAWanderer says:

5:02 Raspberry jam? You are correct, Candice. Although, I do think blackberry jam is a close runner up. 😉

Mindy Harmon says:

I made the tuna melt and used follow your heart mozzarella. It was amazing!

Ben - Hur says:

i would go fat elvis pnutbutter banana and bacon!

Heath F says:

The gloves! Yes!! 😂

sHoRtYz 07 says:

I would have to say the tuna melt is probably one of my faves I love my vegan Mayo… I have to say I've never had a grilled peanut butter and jelly and I can't wait to try it ❣️

Cee Jay says:

The black gloves make me cringe so bad . It caught me off guard when you showed Kevin lol

Tiffany Young says:

I Saw you recent video on why you decided to be more authentic. Good for you. You were beautiful before but I think you're even more so now. You look healthy and curvy and glowy, and the red hair is gorgeous. I've had a few accounts but I've been watching your show since before you ever got married. Don't let anyone ever tell you who to be. You're amazing and inspiring the way you are 💕

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