Espresso Coffee Drink Recipes : Making An Italian Soda

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How to make an Italian Soda; learn more about making espresso coffee drinks in this free instructional video.

Expert: Ashley Sandell
Bio: Ashley Sandell has been working in an espresso shop since she was seven years old.
Filmmaker: Daron Stetner

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Hunter Mann says:

I agree, looks like a goofy blueberry milkshake smoothie thing, and what's up with that whipped cream jive?
I guess you can't expect much from Americans who call themselves "barista". In Italy, a barista is a bartender, not a coffee maker. Ha!!!!!!!

Hunter Mann says:

1. Why did you use the words Espresso Coffee Drink in your title? This soda is NOT a coffee drink!
2. A real Italian soda is made with seltzer from a glass soda bottle, not a plastic, screw-top Shasta bottle.
4. The "cremosa" is actually "putting a float of cream on top". NEVER stir it in! Leave that up to the person who is going to drink it.
5. Whipped cream and a plastic dome lid? Man, this is gringo land, isn't it?!
The drink you made looks like a smoothie, not a real Italian soda.

duffdeluxe says:

im gonna puke!

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