Famous Halloween Rainbow Party Cake – Recipes and Ideas for Simple Halloween Desserts

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cookingwithsugar.com For your halloween party, try this easy spooky halloween dessert idea – Halloween Rainbow Party Cake. This easy tie dyed dessert recipe idea is fun to make and also quick and easy. You’ll have more time to fuss over your halloween costume because of this quick dessert tip. For more recipes and cooking tips, visit http Visit me on Facebook at facebook.com If you want to make an amazing dessert for your Halloween party, try this amazing Halloween Rainbow Party Bundt Cake Recipe. Orange, Purple, Black and Brown colors all mix together into a fun, spooky dessert everyone will remmember. They’ll think you really fussed, but it’s so easy and simple to make. I made a video to show you how simple this is and I couldn’t resist getting into one of my costumes for the fun of it. You’ll find the full recipe below my video. When you watch the video, be sure to click through to YouTube and subscribe to my channel and comment on the video! Ingredients 1 box Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® white cake mix Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on cake mix box 1 box Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® Dark Chocolate cake mix Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on cake mix box Black food coloring Purple food coloring Orange food coloring 1 (12 oz) can Betty Crocker® Whipped Fluffy White Frosting Directions: Heat oven to 325°F. Generously grease a 12-cup tube cake pan. Make cake batters as directed on boxes. Divide the white cake into two separate bowls. Add orange food

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Fatima. Ghaddar says:

This is such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing :)

nic3guyeddie says:

nice costume 😉

CookingwithSugarTV says:

Thanks :)

Tahira Kulsoom says:

It was amazing

CookingwithSugarTV says:

Oh you are so sweet to stick up for me. :) Thanks honey.

Sarah Cash says:

Her boobs aren’t hanging out. She’s got something called CLEAVAGE. Get it right. Her boobs are contained in her outfit and I see nothing wrong with it.

CookingwithSugarTV says:

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Maia Raigend Coriage says:


CookingwithSugarTV says:

Oh so sorry to hear that. Make one now and celebrate it’s never too late. Happy Birthday! :)

Elizabeth Freites says:

I did this very same cake but shortly before Christmas because on my birthday I couldn’t do it because of Hurricane Sandy.

chrisadame62 says:

i made chocolate cake for mah party & i aint crazy!

ilikepickleicecream says:

omg i think i could eat the whole thing in one sitting and not get sick i one ate one of those big things of strawberries and didnt get sick also i once ate a big bagof cooked shrimp and didnt get sick but once iate so many carrots i barfed

michaelpatricklyons says:


Slapovich2 says:

Beautiful cake! I like the suggestion a girl made on here about making it christmas themed. But why stop there, we can also do a valentines day version :)

nadauae93 says:

wow amazing. u could also use candy melting wafers to drizzle on top of the cake :)

Hellokitty123002 says:

It look so good

DjayLivv says:

no offence but i think your boobs dont hang out enough 😉

krys803a says:

I also added co

krys803a says:

I LOVE this cake. I made it myself and it came out awesome an delicious

CookingwithSugarTV says:

No offence taken. :-)~

pandaxoxoify says:

No offence but your boobs hang out way to much

CookingwithSugarTV says:

Oh I am so glad they liked it. XXOO

Moon Teu says:

I made this cake on Halloween my family loves it

CookingwithSugarTV says:

It is so pretty for Christmas too. I have one I did on my blog at cookingwithsugar It’s so pretty. Enjoy!

AllyAddiction123 says:

Definitely doing this for Christmas but instead of black chocolate it will stay white cake and I’m going to use red& green food coloring. Wala 😀


pretty cake

ChaoSSxRiot says:


valadezalmaav says:

That’s so cool

Ridogg81 says:

I am def going to try this. I wish halloween wasnt over already. have any ideas for thanksgiving or xmas? Thank you for your video

rainbo5250 says:

Loved it!

HowtoFeelReal says:

I think this cake would be cool with some green slime colored frosting instead of repeating the colors that are already inside the cake. 😀

Antonio Vidili says:


Nelo Angelo says:

I’m definitely going to bake this up for my Daughter, she’s going to love it. Thanks so much, for the wicked cake ideas, very cool. ^^

Fatima Jawaid says:

It’s not THAT pretty

Fatima Jawaid says:

0:01 lol trying to touch her boobies

shankoo7a says:

I love it!! But im wondering how the chocolate cake gone to the sides in the middle. And whats that suger u put up?

CookingwithSugarTV says:

It’s stock music we all use.

Nonnitot says:

Why is your background music the same as the one cookingwithkarma uses?

UltimateGrobanite says:

You’re the stupid one here.

foxygloves says:

Rude much

J Park says:


tittle nicki says:

this is so cool i have try it and it´s have been very good cake all the kids love it :)

OurAgWorld says:

the cake looks amazing!

KINGKIDZ100 says:

Wow amazing

Sinai Daniel says:

I am about to make this Cake for the Trick or Treaters:D!!!

luxxeey says:

That is so cool. I was just gonna make a plain cake, but now that I seen ur video, I will do this instead. Thanks for sharing :)

CookingwithSugarTV says:

You don’t use 2 mixes. If you followed the directions you will see that (You only need 2/3 of the chocolate cake batter, because if you use the whole thing in won’t fit in the tube pan). Thousands of people have made this cake without any problem. If you follow the recipe on my website it will turn out great. Just see all the people who sent in their photos on my Facebook page. Sorry you used too much mix and it over flowed.

evansdarrell says:

this video is wrong do not use two cake mixes it over flows into the middle of the bundt cake pan and gets in the over then burns its a pain to have to clean up…. only use one cake mix stupid lady

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