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Here are some GO TO vegan recipes that are easy and delicious and healthy!

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LASAGNA SOUP RECIPE – https://youtu.be/7aaULRvQXcE?t=284

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Michelle Armstead says:

The last recipe is one of my all time favorite go to ones as well. I always put bell peppers in mine, or if I have them on deck a little mushroom

rasdreamer34 says:

My resolution is to read 19 books this year (19 in '19). I'm so excited to hear another reading resolution! Yay! (and yes, I'm really late to this video)

Janelle Margot says:

💛 I shared the BEST recipe I have found for buffolo Cauliflower wings on my channel today💜💜🐥

David Walsh says:

vegans are a problem in this world. Meat eaters are superior in every way, we are much better than dirty vegans, you know vegan women don't have periods and vegan men can't ejaculate right?

Lilnacho says:

Your burnt ass wooden spoon had me laughing

Make Me Over WEC says:

New subscriber and in 🧡 with your channel. New to this lifestyle. Tfs

Tiffany says:

I always use jasmine rice and it’s a long rice and it never falls apart.

Maria Rocha says:

Rose, green is your color! This is your best hair❤️

Ka Blia Vue says:

As a person who has personally tried the tofu ricotta…. she ain’t lying… it is bomb dot com.

PipSqueaky says:

I noticed I'd been eating alot of the same dishes lately, so I'm hoping to make a splash with these! Thanks rose xoxo.

Maja_ _ says:

Wow😍 Delicious!

Radical Energy says:

Thinking about going vegan due to health issues. This was super helpful.

Ted ThePilot says:

I'm thinking of making the change and your videos have been super helpful

t i z u k a says:

I gave my like because it's really easy indeed you're not putting the title easy and the. Putting that impossible unknown ingredients ppl use it's really easy and looks tasty too

wonder women06 says:

i think im going to start today

wonder women06 says:


Cynthia Chase says:

Ok, it is official. You are amazing! I just made the lasagna, and we loved it. I’m not sure how I feel about vegan food yet, and I do not like to cook but this recipe was not only easy to make but it tasted phenomenal! Very very well done! I will definitely make this again and again. You are my superhero, Rose. I’ve learned so much from you. ❤️

Ababy says:

Hi Rose, can you use silken soft tofu to make the tofu cheese ?

Army Loves Busan Boys says:

Thanks for the Skillshare free trial ☺

Dawn Autuori says:

Love this! Thanks so much for sharing! May I ask which food processor you use? I’m in the market for a new one and could use a recommendation. Thanks in advance!

strawberry almond milk says:

These are all great recipes to celebrate my one year anniversary this upcoming March 3rd on being Vegan, if you're doubting about becoming vegan -just try it and see how you feel after a week or two!! I've felt more energized and (definitely) healthier ever since I've made the change!!

strawberry almond milk says:

Just finished watching how to make the lasagna and it looks delishhh!! 🤩🤩 New subscriber right here!! 🙋


So Groce. I love vegan food but this is just eeeeewwwww

Melissa Salisbury says:

I found regular dairy free noodles. I cook them the nite before. I put zucchini noodles into the mix with boca crumbles .bell pepper stir fry mix. And I did nutrional yeast. I mix it in the sauce.

Melissa Salisbury says:

I made my first vegan lasgna. And I made tofu ricotta . So good. My goal is make one exotic dish a month. And keep my budgets under control. I made extra tofu ricotta it's good on crackers and plantain chips and veggies

Carlee Mason says:

Hell yeah. Making that lasagna TONIGHT

christine lacasandile says:

thanks for making it easy and lazy.. It's really hard for moms like me who's working full time.. 😍😍

Hannah Elizabeth says:

I used to eat hummus and veggie sandwiches every day at the dining hall in college! Pickles are a necessity for me though!

justforcomment1 says:

Nice bunch of recipes. For anyone interested, I personally mix bread crumbs, nutritional yeast and some melted vegan butter and add that to the top of my lasagna or casserole. It browns up nicely and makes for a lovely crisp and somewhat cheesy topping.

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