Fish in Bulk: Quick Recipes & FAQs / Preparando Pescado para la Semana

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In today’s video we are cooking fish in bulk. Get full Fish recipes here:

I will also answer some fish in bulk FAQs when it comes to purchasing, preparing, cooking and storing seafood, including the hot debate right now – wild vs farmed seafood.

Fish FAQs – 01:03
Cooking Salmon – 04:47
2 Salmon Recipes – 06:43
Cooking White Fish – 07:41
2 White Fish Recipes – 09:28

To get full tips and recipes click on the link above.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think about my fish recipes in the comments below. :)

Check Chiken in Bulk recipes:

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Olga Candelaria says:

Love your videos…always learn so much!

K Heath says:

OMG-I laughed so hard at the face palm and the cat/story of your experience. I love your tips as I was raised in a family that rarely had fish and have no clue what is the best way to cook it. I will say I have had salmon done with the pecans as you did in one recipe and it was really scrumptious. I'm definitely going to try the Greek yogurt trick.

Justen Harden says:

5:40 lolol

pfirsch77 says:

For white fish, try salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, and baste with lime juice.

Kevin Allen says:

What about Rainbow trout, Tuna, Red, Catfish? I'm curious

Ebony Angel Rose says:

I really enjoy you. The promise of actually doing it is in your voice. More should watch. Will be sharing.

Maryanne Palag says:

Thanks for the heads up regarding waxy fish! Subscribing.

progamer1o5 says:

Can I make the pecan recipe with a Tilapia or even salmon?

Zannnnah says:

Say what now? Anal leakage and a puddle of oil? Good grief.

GoBeyond PlusUltra says:

That last fish looked really great. Can't wait to try it one day. Why can't the restaurant fish look this good?!!!

Red says:

Thank you I really love these recipes. The way I do salmon is not very healthy but tasty. I put it in a pan skin down of course with a little water. I let it start to cook and i add in sliced onions letting the water evaporate. Then I add in teriyaki sauce mixed with brown sugar. and let it bubble and thicken a little not too much. I can't do it like this for me anymore though, as I found for me I'm allergic to soy and it has too much sodium :(

Red says:

Wow you're all sparkly :)

Curtis D says:

good stuff on this one

MiAmoreNoir says:

I would definitely recommend American farmed seafood over Asian/foreign. From what I understand they have little to no regulations and ise chemicals that have been banned in US.

Javier pereira rodriguez says:

I'm sorry but if you freeze the fish that's no longer fresh…

Riley Powell says:

Kevin, any tips for reheating fish at the office?

Nichole DeLoatch says:

thank you for the tips !

catherine walls says:

I laughed that's very funny not at your expense

catherine walls says:

So now when you go to buy it how do you no if they actually have been caught it Wild ?
Let's face it no supermarket or Mongers will tell you nor will it be on packaging.
Unless you ask some my just say it's a local fish.
I used to love gutting fish but that was when I'd not heard of these big manufacturers tanks for fish and I've always eaten skin

Jou Jou D says:

I really appreciate this video, especially when you answered some of the questions I had about fish. I was wondering, do you still eat tilapia? why or why not?

Courseya Sure says:

Why tell us when you shit yourself?

K-Ameli says:

That cat reaction was exactly my face when I heard the adverse effects of that fish. #helltothenah

gibsona70 says:

it makes your booty hole leak!!!!! i had to rewind that part several times. the cat had me crying!!!!! BOOM

Victor Harrisburg says:

yo I just came across the channel I'm a big guy is meal prep good to help you lose weight

lilmeeper123 says:

perfect timing I'm doing tilapia

Anna Komis says:

White fish taste much better when it's cold and no need in any extra fat or marinade.

Igor Singer says:

for tilapia: rub with sesame oil, dry rub in turmeric powder, cayenne powder, garlic powder, and sea salt. bake in oven, wrapped (enclosed in foil) along with a clove of garlic for 20 min at 420F. Garnish with cracked lack pepper, consume, dipping pieces in soy sauce.

Shawn Trivett says:

OMG Kevin escular runny Butt I love Ruffy that's never happened to me b4 good to see you survived

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