Fish in Lemon Butter Caper Sauce | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

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Security Canera says:

Never seen a Indian Head banger ( Banglore?) Before lol, thanks for sharing.

Mike B says:

Badass! I will be watching a bunch more of your videos for sure, keep up the good work.

Krishna Karthik says:

Do we get capers in Indian market?

Steven Maciejewski says:

Only subscribed because of the channel title – food is an added bonus m/

TheRealTruth says:

I love you guys!! you are the best and I am sharing your channel like crazy!!! question: I am sure you are tired of this but is there a way to do a fish sauce without dairy? would love an option if possible, keep up the amazing work!!!

Jhoy Blanco says:

thank s for this i hve edia for fish

Chris A says:

It looks good!

Elaine Zink says:

I'm new to Keto and on a sugar detox…(can't even use stevia) so I am excited to find your page. Your recipes look great! I can't wait to try some of them. I am hoping to find some of the more exotic ingredients(in other recipes of yours) in a nearby market. So, what macros do you follow daily? I noticed in the comments there was talk about calories. I am hoping not to count calories. Just curious about what is normal keto. From Florida.

Jill Ann says:

This is the video i was looking for. Was trying to find this recipe that looked well enough for me to try and this is it! Will let you know how this turns out. thanks!

Joshan Sharma says:

3:16 . Which video are you referring to Exactly? 😛

xy23 kj says:

R those canned capers?

xy23 kj says:

Which fish r u using

Jacintha Bellairs says:

binge watching your channel! Shout out from South Africa

Capri82 says:

Yum…. I'm use to our Haitian dish with a similar sauce with red snapper fish and plantains or potatoes. I want to try your recipe with salmon, I was meaning to ask what does capers taste like?

Vivek Mehra says:

Thanks ! Hey is it true that frying fish on pan adds carbohydrates to it even if raw fish has zero carbs ? I'm asking about plain fried fish marinated with spices only.

Ann Parker says:

It really was so good, my husband and I were fighting each other for the last drops of sauce!

Igor Bizepski says:

Greetings from germany you manly,bearded chef…loving all your recipes because i'm on a keto diet and i can try out some new stuff instead of sausage and eggs everyday(no homo)…keep up the good work and always remember "it's not only the beard on the outside that's also the beard on the inside".

Travis In Canada says:

So glad I just found this channel, going to binge watch a bunch of your Keto videos!

Dhyanesh R says:

The recipe looks delicious. What fish did you use ?

Anmol Singh says:

Wouldn't it have made more sense to saute the garlic in the oil first? Butter too long in the pan runs the risk of getting burnt. Although, what you did would make sense if you like your garlic just right. I like mine slightly burnt.

Kumar Ayush says:

and now I regret for not choosing the Meal offer By HK for DR pledge campaign music 😢

Ann Parker says:

Another winner! Can't wait to try this. I'm always looking for ways to cook fish, which is not my strong suit.

Urvish Patel says:

so much of butter.! what about calories? Doesn't the fish taste much buttery?

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