Fogcrawler's Sweet & Spicy Chili Beans

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Fogcrawler’s Sweet & Spicy Chili Beans
“With Just The Right Kick”


2 – tsp. olive oil
2 – stalks celery – chopped
1 – red bell pepper – chopped
1 – green bell pepper – chopped
1 – yellow bell pepper – chopped
2 – med. sweet onions – chopped
2 – jalapeno peppers – chopped
3 – garlic cloves – minced

3 – lbs. beef chuck, cubed or ground
1 1/2 – lbs. italian sausage, ground

1 – 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes
1 – 8 oz. can tomato sauce
1 – 6 oz. can tomato paste
6 – 16 oz. cans dark red kidney beans

1/2 – cup dark honey
1/4 – cup white sugar
4 – tbsp. chili powder
1 – tbsp. beef granulated bouillon
1 – tbsp. chicken granulated bouillon
1 – tbsp. dried oregano
1 – tbsp. light brown sugar
2 – tsp. cayenne pepper
3 – tsp. sea salt
2 – tsp. cumin
2 – tsp. cocoa powder
1 – tsp. cinnamon
1 – pint bottle guinness extra stout beer

Heat oil in a 14″ deep camp oven over medium high heat, add celery, peppers, onions, garlic and sauté for about 7 minutes. Remove from heat.
Brown beef in a large skillet and add to camp oven. Brown pork in a large skillet and add to camp oven.
Add tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste and beans.
Mix remaining ingredients, except beer and honey, in a medium bowl until well blended and add to camp oven.
Pour the honey over the mixture.
Pour the beer over mixture and fold mixture with a wooden utensil until mixture is evenly mixed.
Place lid on camp oven and bake for 3 hours with 21 briquettes on lid, 15 briquettes under oven, stirring occasionally. Change coals every hour.
Optional – With 30 minutes cooking remaining, place coals from the lid with coals under the oven and cook uncovered to thicken the sauce.
Serves 20 people.

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Talkalota13 says:

now that is some dam good looking chili!!

Calvin's Corner72 says:

That coco was a cool twist

cellardoor 33 says:

Omg and i am making easy chilli from the canned!!!!! Put me to shame lol

Jess J says:

You sure are passionate about outdoor cooking… Thanks for sharing! A blessed, healthy, prosperous New Year!

SeeWhy says:

Looks good, can't wait to make it. Like the Milgard windows hat too!

smokinhic says:

Awesome!! so going to try this.

Ice Wolf says:

Always loved your videos.  Keep them coming please.

ARTHUR BREHM Bushcraft Survival EDC Knives Gear Fun says:

great video…. thanks for that!

i love your cooking videos!

greetings from cologne, germany!


Hocus Smokus KITCHEN & GRILL says:

the beauty of chili is that everyone has a different take on it!! This sounds  wonderful ! Never woulda thought of honey as the sweetener,Thanks Dean & Joaney!

Djinny says:

Dean and Joney I absolutely love your cooking videos! In my opinion when you're cooking it's nicer to hear the sounds of cooking and not a music-over. At 1:56 I would have loved to hear the delightful stirring.

Keep on cookin!

Chelo Mederos says:

Que buen guiso de porotos (saludos de Argentina).

Lumpy Q says:

That was absolutely spectacular, what a great Dish.

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