Food safety and Indoor air quality

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How to keep your house clean and reduce germs on surfaces

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Ron L says:

JBI lost track of you for a while- were you on special assignment?Lol!

Adam Moe says:

How do you look and sound younger than you did 10 years ago hahah

LoneWolfSigma says:

I have an ozone generator made by Ozone Power. It kills just about everything in a room in 45 minutes. Cant breath the air when its on tho…you have to leave the room. Also..if you ever had a stinky will kill the odor completely only downside is if you use it too much it can tear apart your headliner glue. Thats how strong it is.

Dustin Carico says:

What ever happened to papercuts? He die?

Brodie says:

Love ya, Mr. JB Leghorn! Make some more of your food videos! A casserole maybe? God Bless you, kind sir!

Marlin Thompson says:

Glad to see you back in action brother, fellow construction trash haha, electrician here way up in Alexandria La!

Damon Brooks says:

Thanks for the advice JB

Brian Moss says:

Good going JB be well.

Erik Knudson says:


Bebe Butterfield says:

Good to see you're still kicking JB and thank you for the good info! God bless you and your family and Merry Christmas!

Mike Schotte says:

Every once in awhile you’ll go up to the door of a restaurant where they have the air balance all wrong and you can’t open the doors due to the negative pressure. I used to work on a lot of restaurants and those exhaust hoods and fresh air makeup units move a lot of air.

Robert Maciver says:

jb thanx for instruction veiwers on air quality.I also have retired mid sept 2020 pipefitter/plumber .love to cook love your videos.ul#131 nh.nice to have good union pensions/annuitie . good luck jb

James garris says:

Born and raised in Metairie, lil’ brother moved to Memphis area 38 years ago. He has been in HVAC on the residential side for those 38 years and loves to cook like you…go figure must be the conditioned air!!!

James garris says:

Love the video, but found the sound quality off, even tried a external Bluetooth speaker, did little to increase sound. Watched other YouTube videos and sound was actually to loud at the same setting. Just something you might checkout. Again great information.

gatortalk6 says:

Great video JB! As I've told you before, I work for Baker Bros (Dist) in Jacksonville Fl and you are spot on! Indoor air quality is a big deal that homeowners are unaware of. Thanks!!

Chub Texas says:

Are you still single or did you get your wife back?

pavelow235 says:

We all hate COVID, for all that it means on all sides. Just tired and we all need to get back to living again.

Jess says:

You are awesome

Olivia Bruce says:

JB I miss you glad to see you’re back I know you’re on Facebook love your cooking

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