Foreigners Try Cooking Staple Japanese Home Recipes! (FOR THE FIRST TIME)

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Staying at home means SO MUCH MORE COOKING TIME. We got 3 amateur cooks to try making the simplest and most delicious Japanese recipes, most commonly made at home.

Natasha’s Recipe: Yaki Udon

Alex’s Recipe: Nikujaga

Emma’s Recipe: Omurice
-cook rice
-fry small bits of chicken and half an onion
-fry until brown then add rice.
-Add ketchup and demi glace sauce to taste
-Add peas or any extra vegetables you want.
-whisk 3 eggs with a small amount of milk until combined
-oil the pan and keep it on a LOW HEAT I THINK but she did a high heat
-slowly fold the egg on top of itself, trying to keep the inside less cooked
-after egg is on rice then top with demi-glace sauce or ketchup

Emma: Tokidoki Traveller
Natasha: Ellespazz

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Tokyo Creative says:

What Japanese recipes are your favourites to make at home? And what should we make next! :-)

Chan Maneesilasan says:

This video made me so hungry! @Emma: you need oil to keep the omelet from sticking.

aibadotcom says:

I'm actually gonna be making nikujaga tomorrow for dinner. I've made it once before many years ago but I remember it was so delicious! Can't wait to eat nikujaga tomorrow. :)

Stephaniebeav says:

In terms of cooking ideas, I was thinking homemade curry and trying odd combinations. Or Okinomiyaki. Homemade ramen, by making your own ingredients. Dango and homemade mochi. Or the varieties of ways to prepare matcha, from traditional to latte. Rolled Omelets and homemade sushi varieties. Blind taste tests of various sake or Japanese drinks.

In terms of other ideas, maybe commentary of older videos. Or maybe a let's play of various games… its off brand, so maybe odd Japanese only ones. Or maybe even Japanese TV commentary/reviews. I know there are some crazy shows. Lastly, maybe options to help support or donate for local causes for the virus, since Japan is getting hit hard economically.

Christina Woog says:

I made omurice the other day for the first time and I used butter even in my non-stick and it turned out pretty well, so maybe you need some kind of pan lubricant? It's possible the pan is in need of replacing. I also put the rice on top of the egg and then stuck the egg to the rice (the soft not-set egg helps it stick), then flipped onto a plate, then you can kinda use a clean paper towel to shape the rice cutely (saw that in another YT video)

Hudson Junior says:

This Natasha girl is dope

Matando says:

@UCAKZ2vtm_-hfqeCGTNNbZqA Emma, whenever you cook eggs you should always coat the pan in a fat or oil to prevent it from sticking. I've had trouble with eggs sticking without it even in the best of non-stick pans. I normally use butter, but since you can't eat dairy(I think?…. sorry if I'm remembering wrong), I would suggest putting a little bit of a neutral flavored oil, for example vegetable oil, on a paper town and rubbing it on the pan while it's cold. That should resolve your sticking problems :)

Also the casual swear at 15:53 was both unexpected and priceless. It made my day, lol.

edit darn. you can mention another channel in a community post on your own channel but not in the comments section of another video. Lame.

Jim Ferdinando says:

Alex kept the onion skin on.

Jim Ferdinando says:

Film some ASMR videos. Everyone reads their favourite books etc.

Jim Ferdinando says:

Did Natasha try cutting her hair at home and mess up?

CaseNumber00 says:

I dont think she oiled her pan well enough for the eggs to stick to the pan like that.

Clarissa Elizabeth says:


Dutchie Abroad says:

As for an idea to do a remote TC Play video; multiple choice quizzes :) I made a small quiz for my BF's 30th Bday and made people hold up papers with their answers (because you cannot understand each other when you're in a mass group call 😂). As for the content of the quizzes; anything Japan related would do. Which landmarks are in which provinces, Japanese history, music, etc.

Starlight says:

Natasha being so confident in Emma's cooking ability and side cut to Emma being a wreck had me dead 😂

Carolyn Cartoons says:

I’ve been making fake languages for a story I have in development (naturalistic artlangs), playing WoW, and drawing =D

SuzuStudios says:

You ladies did great! I have yet to cook omurice with the runny inside. It looks so hard! haha. Maybe I'll try my hand at it one day~

James Zengerle says:

I love cooking, I do it a fair deal. But I don't f<×k with eggs. Idk what it is, but they always seems so difficult 🤣🤣

Jenn - MimaSweets says:

get Chris, abroad, and Tokyo Lense to do this!

Mikamura89 says:

3 Table sp, OHHHHh!!!

guyfromantwerp says:

Natasha , marry me! Thank you 🙏😂

Wynn Gray says:

Such a great job Natasha! Do more cooking videos too. 💕

Laura Cunningham says:

I'm taking this time to learn Japanese xx

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