French bread Pizza

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Easy, quick and cheap meal or snack BTW this video was shot in 2017

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Chris Orear says:

GOTDAMN U FUNNY!!!! LOL! Keepem comin. I've learned a lot from you

María Lourdes cocinando con Lulú Gámez says:

Qué delicia

Ace says:

Hey, didn’t you have a catfish coubion recipe? I may be mistaken, but if so I can’t find it on your channel.

Chris Aiello says:

Have you heard from Cutts777?

john says:

Single? Ya alright JB?

troy rogers says:

Where you at? Haven't seen you in a good while. Hope all is ok.

kodibass says:

JB , You have been on my heart & mind lately, Just wanted you 2 know that. I took out one of your recipes that I wrote down the basics of & Thought about you. & smiled. Your # one Alaskan Fan! kodibass

Connie Goss-Atkins says:

I have watch few video. Disappointed. Bec I don’t understand word u say. If u would put on closed captions on ur video, I would be more happy to understand. Your video look good.

Shane Rowland says:

Read the directions on the damn bottle BOY !!!

Mary Spaabeck says:

MR JB GOOD TO SEE YA, lookin kinda thin tho, hope you feel ok! I like your recipe, we can't get French bread even donuts are scarce due to the political climate so I will have to use bread and do individual pizzas!😫 your still great to watch!


Hey Boy. Good to see you still doing ya thang!

kodibass says:

@ JB,, I Asked (umba) + all Be well with You,,,.. Elders Told Me All will BE well in You.., Kodibass

Rita Brown says:

I am glad you are still alive! I am too! I wasn't sure you were, you do cook delicious food but not so much on healthy! LOL 🤣 ❤️ I am making brat's and sauerkraut! I had to come back for your recipe! I am glad you are still cooking! You have a great day and keep dose great recipes coming boss man!!! ♥️♥️♥️

PhD Life Channel says:

<3 this looks sooooo gooooood

Greg Gladden says:

I'm a few days late to comment, but I'm glad to to see you being funny again. I got tired of their stuff and been enjoying being single since 2011. I've been able to work on the race car, grill, fish, drink, and do whatever the hell I want!!

troy rogers says:

Single? Did Mrs JB leave? Anyway I love your channel. Be you, I don't think I have missed a video

Tipping Toast Media says:

3:17 mount dora is over by us! was this a san fran mount dora?

Puzzle Dust says:

JB I have been watching you a long long time… not sure how long but the first video I ever saw was the Cajun pickled eggs, god bless you BOY!

Chad Blackwell says:

Glad to see a full video, man! The pizza looks awesome.

Andrew Ray says:

Is that sheriff Buford T Justice

Andrew Ray says:

JB fire up the smoker a boy a girl

JOE Quezada says:

You're looking healthy my friend

Dane Walsh says:

aint no doubt about that being good i said got dam!

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