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Follow along with my recipe for baking fresh cod. It’s full of wonderful flavor, very easy to make and has the perfect crust. With not many ingredients, this will be something for all levels of cooking to enjoy!

2 fillets of cod (or your choice of fish)
2 tablespoons butter
1 fresh garlic clove
1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice
Few extra lemon slices for garnish
2 table spoons flour
Salt, pepper, crushed/ground red pepper, paprika- all to taste
Fresh parsley and chives- few springs on both
Oil or butter to coat baking dish

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Mixing Bowls:
Measuring Cups:
Plastic Cutting Boards:
Bamboo Cutting Boards:
Ceramic Knives:
KitchenAid Mixer (black):
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OXO Tongs:
*** Filming/Editing Equipment
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edited with: iMovie

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Margot Brown

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M M says:

How long stays in the oven for? You really are not explaining the recipe very well

Ron Szczepanski says:

That looks delicious and a lot of Cod, but I would want to eat the whole thing!! Thank you.

Krystal Grant says:

What did you mix in the flour?

Spic Democrat says:

Margot, nice tits !!!!!

Anne H. says:

Half of this recipe has no sound. Maybe you can redo.

cass Hall says:


Chris K says:

That looks nice

The Prophecy Cat says:

Nice thanks. I like your knife and also I'm starving now

Joshua Yong Kwang Min says:

I like how you use your own herbs

Ernie Walker says:

lovely dish.

Ashton Doyle says:

no audio, no temperature or bake times? reciepe looked good but video lost all purpose without these thngs thumbs down!

Ron Richo says:

Thanks, Margot. I'm making this in an hour or two. I'll comment again on how it turned out. (Even without the sound I got the gist of it.) Good work.

Luz Aida Perrone says:

Baking time ??!😭

Carlos G says:

Raise the camera angle a bit North …lol Bet them subs will be coming

Patrick Brill says:

Enough with the camera angles.

Owen Gordon says:

Babe, you lost me when you started picking up lawn clippings.

theCrpldOrphnPrjct says:

mmm fishy porno. I am sure we all enjoyed watching this MORE than you enjoyed making it; now it's time to cook dinner

roy john says:

sound cut out spoilt it shame

Mark Lamasky says:

Thanks for trying but no sound is hard to work your recipe

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