Fried Pork Belly ~ Hog Cracklin's

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Cajun snack food. down south there known simply as “Cracklins” But in south Louisiana we call em “Gráttons” Not spoken like Greatons more like Grottons.

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Tanya Estes says:

I LOVE this guy!

Game On says:

I just started watching this video and i already love and wanna protect this guy😂


two turds and two to tree hours

Ken Jones says:

Friggin foghorn longhorn!

Brett Brignac says:

Never did before?!?!? You must be a cookin' genius…LMASSOFF

Kevin Filbin says:

The pig fat is not what increases the triglycerides, it's the highly processed refined veggie oil. If you can cook with avocado oil you're much better off, pig fat is actually good from what I've been told

Frizium HR says:

Damn this looks good

Erica Erica says:

I just adore you!!!

Eric Perkins says:

I don't know, but am I the only one who, when he said he was "only gonna use two turds" of the pork belly, turned this off?

PorkBellyFutures says:

Foghorn leghorn? Is that your drunken cousin?

Just kdding. I'm drunk too. No judgement.

Sierra Hamilton says:

Damn, son. That shit looks good

Robert Ogden says:

'Boy, I say, BOY!!! Nice boy but he don't pay attention none. Readin' too many of them long-haired books.'


Hello i tried making them cracklins but seemed like all the fat skin and all disintegrated!! Was mostly the meat did I do something wrong?

Aaron Cross44 says:

You can't make this up. You had me laughing the whole time. Great job.

redcinos says:

Great job man

Alex K says:

Yum! What kind of oil did you use?

Rhonda Dills says:

Use the cardboard for emergency fire starter

Monica Sanders says:

How have I lived in the south all my life & never had CRACKLINS 😋

Hocus Smokus KITCHEN & GRILL says:

Love me some grattons JB! In fact,where I am here in Peterborogh Ontario I'd wager to say that Im probably the only one here that makes em!! Thanks for anothother great vid!

Meta ModernSounds says:

Grew up in Ville platte
Lot of folks go for a bag of potato chips we go for a bag or cracklins

The A.C Show says:

I'm eating cracklings right now while watching this

74womack says:

Your the man JB …why do you make Neutral lights look so damn good ..

arlingtonguy54 says:

I make lard from the caul fat around the kidneys every year from hogs that my Buddy raises and get some cracklings from that but I never cooled and refried them before. Will try it this year. Also made hog head cheese last year and it was incredible.

Crystal's World says:

luv the videos

Greg Phillips says:

I like the cracklins that is not puffed up but hard is there a name for those ?

Pauletta Johnson says:

i would love to see you deep fry ribs!!! PLEASE!!!

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