Fried Rice (yakimeshi recipe) | Popular Japanese Recipes | Honest Japanese Cooking

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The Singing Cooking Man is back with a healthier fried rice recipe in Honest Japanese Cooking.

Yakimeshi or chaahan, we call these fried rice.

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Sara Marquart says:

Need to open my mind a lot for the whitebait.. though I like to eat all fermented fish stuff, such as bagoong or terasi.. but well, well :-) might be delicious for sure! All in our heads. Great video as always!

E X Y E nokemon says:

Nasi Goreng Indonesian version

John Smalldridge says:

The whitebait is tasty! My mom used to make a type of vinegar whitebait and green salad pickle that was delicious over rice. This whitebait fried rice sounds very tasty also.

glen moss says:

I have never heard of whitebait but I will look for it at my local Asian markets. Unfortunately they tend to carry more Chinese and southeast Asian ingredients than Japanese. Cute kids. I really enjoy your videos. Arigato!

HQBunker says:

Looks tasty 😀 But you said yourself that fried rice shouldn't be healthy 😛 BTW could you show some more side dish recipes? Or something from veggies which can be used as a side dish, or salad or basically an accompaniment?

Nasir _glasgow says:

Keep up good work

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