Garlic Soup – Natural Antibiotics – Weight Loss – Magic Plan

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Garlic Soup – Natural Antibiotics – Healthy. Garlic Soup, the perfect Natural Antibiotics, helps build up your immunity system, Helps fight off Colds and the…

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CookingaRound says:

Garlic Soup – Natural Antibiotics – Healthy.

Garlic Soup, the perfect Natural Antibiotics, helps build up your immunity
system, Helps fight off Colds and the Flu. Now Remember no kissing for an

Do not let this garlic soup fool you. Just because you hear about how much
garlic we put in does not mean that that it will have a strong overpowering
flavor. In fact it has a nice light creamy taste that just warms you up and
gives you a feeling of well being.

Kwang Yi says:

You really need to make a friend with someone who is not yet civilized to
understand the benefit of garlic. You see, people consume garlic regularly
never waste money on man-made toxic chemical agent such as Viagra, that
is known to cause unwanted symptom of stiffening everywhere else.

killahkoreah says:

Thanks for sharing. I’ll try it this weekend

CookingaRound says:

This is a Med. GI Soup, do not add carrots and it will be a Low GI.. 

Nicole Shinoda says:

Seriously… i’m so focused on whatever he said.. until the subtitle
decided to push my laughing button.. lol

Angelique Pelcha says:

Instead of potatoes, you can use cauliflower! Soup looks amazing!

Norma Chavez says:

Too much fat.

Lola Mills says:

Was looking for a good garlic recipe–can’t wait to make this! YUMMMMM!
Just subscribed, thanks for the vid!

EricaYE6 says:

Looks really good. And the music in the background is very relaxing.
Think I could make chicken and rice with this soup? 

tasneem mohammed says:

Except for the butter I think its amazing and it can really help reducing

Tan sf says:

measurements for the water ?

Michael Young says:

Thank you for great recipe….. you are a real chef….a natural. Makes
me want to eat the soup !

Alyssia Brown says:

3 cloves of raw garlic minced (not out a jar, but fresh), swallowed by
placing on a spoon, and swallowed with plenty of water in your mouth
before, during and then chased after, …. THAT is a natural antibiotic.
Cooking the garlic changes things.
Also, make sure you have food on your stomach before trying this or it may

mary jane says:

definitely must try!

TheBiancalov says:

I want to lose weight but im also dealing with a tooth infection with no
dental insurance, so Ive been hearing about garlic and found this
recipe..will try it for sure maybe it will help.

Laura Duran says:

this looks really yummy

Joy Hanson says:

Beautiful looks soo good!

Arletta Sloan says:

Never you mind the no kissing! Some of us, out here, happen to find the
smell of garlic (and, the people who eat it) very sexy.

Marr Mell says:

Thank you for sharing.
Good recipe. very well done.

Gerry Hoffman says:

oh yeah! cant wait to try these great videos. could you guys
adopt me?! thanks.

LSUTigerMom says:

Tip: use an immersion blender and you won’t need the mixer. You can leave
the soup in the saucepan and the immersion blender will puree it
beautifully and quickly! Thanks for the recipe. 

iem iladsa says:

Garlic Soup – Natural Antibiotics – Weight Loss -…:

Aruna Maldeniya says:

It would be a shame for you not to shed pounds when these people are able
to lose weight so easily using Fat Blast Furnace (Look it up on google).

bolbader ali taha says:

Are you making these mistakes in your diet? Copy And paste Into Google Fat
Blast Furnace to find out.

Lola Mills says:

Hey, thanks, will check out the new playlist! ;-)

andres abad says:

thx 4 adding me c ya

keepa shrestha says:

Just Google Skinnimaker System and you will discover how certain foods
‘explode’ in your stomach.

timitzer says:

Wow, that soup looks great. I’ll make it today.

AnimeChick2013 says:

dose it taste more like Garlic ?

Pierre Normandeau says:

Garlic has been used for it’s medicinal purposes for over 5,000 years
because most medicines are based on poisons that only supress symptoms
without identifying or removing the cause of the illness. The word
Pharmacy come from the Greek word Pharmakon that means “poison cure”….
All medications and medicinal plants are poisonous to different degrees.
Medicinal plants are based on alkaloids that are poisons soluble in water
and in oil. These solvants pass through the cell walls, break up the cells
and liberate the genes (ADN/ARN) from the nucleus in which they are in
contact. All genes are programmed to feed and reproduce themselves… as
they slip out of a broken cell they naturally become delinquant virus
(ADN/ARN) that break up neighboring cells to feed and reproduce
themselves…. Broken cells and broken nucleus by any means
(solvents,chemicals, medications, needles, burns, piercings,
radiations,alkaloids,) are the origine of all viruses (ADN/ARN) any
biologist or geneticist will comfirm this !

Cherry pie says:

Thank you for sharing I will give this a go..

tejal thakore says:

hi toni this looks great I shall be cooking this soup for my kids, they
surely will love it. thank you and keep up the good work.

Dorothy Maher says:

I LOVE you… wanna get married?

deanna maasbach says:

do you ever use Himalayan salt? it is better for you.

Adalia Thao says:

What did he say he put in after the potato?

CookingaRound says:

Hello, this soup is a med. GI, after all when you lose the weight it is a
matter of just maintaining it. I went on my low GI with the soups and other
types of food along with a exercise program, all that I invented it myself.
So check my Blog with everything you would need to see how I did it –

David Simons says:

Looks like it’s a REALLY good soup to try. Does it really help you lose
weight, though? I have always heard that eating ANYTHING white (potatoes,
white rice, white bread, or white anything else) will cause you to GAIN
weight (and not lose). So, I was just wondering if you could explain to me
how it is that you could lose weight with this soup? It’s NOT that I don’t
believe what you are saying. I just don’t understand how this is possible
(with the potatoes as part of the soup ingredients) from what I have always
been told. But, willing to learn something new. Thanks for the nice video.
And, I look forward to hearing back from you. (:

deanna maasbach says:

your other soup with cabbage you said not to use carrot which is it?

deanna maasbach says:

salt is toxic..

yanikalenka says:

man i am a male have wife and tho kids wel you merry us . please 

MissBestSunshine says:

That was awesome! Reminded me of watching my grandma making soup when I was
a little girl! You made it with love! I can’t wait to make some for my
family to try ! I love the crumbled toasted bread on top! BRAVO! Thanks a
million for the demo and recipe! It will definately be a regular soup for
me to make and keep on hand for a wonderful healthy soup to go with a salad
and fresh fruit!

CookingaRound says:

I like doing it my way, for I like the garlic sizzle taste mixed with
onions and oil….:)

CookingaRound says:


tonylogon says:


kMC303 says:

Just made this to go along with dinner and it was amazing! I love garlic. I
didn’t have any carrots though so I just put in some celery and it still
came out pretty good. I’ll have to try with carrot next time. :)

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