Gas Grill Ribs | Smoke Ribs On Gas Grill with Malcom Reed HowToBBQRight

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Gas Grill Ribs | BBQ Ribs Gas Grill

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Felipe Adame says:

hey boss straight up iv learned to smoke ribs thanks homie

Kurt Niederstadt says:

I had trouble with getting my smoke bomb smoking, also my Master Forge Gas Grill has a totally different heat circuit pattern in the box, once I found the heat pattern the ribs began to cook, it took them 2 hours longer than yours, I used honey mustard and I must say they were delicious following the rest of your instructions, Thanks Malcolm I enjoy your videos!

Alberto González says:

Malcolm, how did you ignite the wood pellets? Thanks!

Slim1 Dune says:

Where can i buy your rub?

Donnell Ramos says:

Thank you bruh I did it exactly like you said and the ribs came out amazing they are still talking about them saying I stuck my foot in it can't wait to try the pork roast

John Babb says:

I'm actually getting a master built electric smoker for Christmas and supposed to be making ribs for dinner. Can I use this same recipe and general cook times and 235 temp. I just ordered a couple of cans of your rub and looking fowars to getting into smoking. I have watched about 20 of your videos but I'm a definite noob so any advice for a simple electric smoker would be great. Still up in the air about what kind of wood chips to use.

Daniel Folkerts says:

my weber gas grill has only 2 burners….front and back….any suggestions other than buying a new grill

yayisarom1789 says:

awesome just made this for dinner

TKrakowski1 says:

AMAZING! I love what you're doing here. Thanks to you, my neighbors come by on the weekends and ask, 'What you cooking?" I always make a lil extra…

Ed Hourigan says:

Another great video! Thanks for making it!

clark davis says:

Malcom, can you use honey or some type of syrup as a binder?

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

Those sure looked good. i am getting a gas grill soon and I will try these ribs on it for sure

mharnie sortonis says:

your bbq rub and sauce is my go to right now. havent ordered some in a little bit but definitely will be really soon.

kenneth egure (Skorp10n) says:

hello I've been wanting to buy some rub from the ones you have. which one would you recommend

qbagcal says:

THANKS Malcom!! my ribs are much more delicious!!
From a guy who just has a gas grill.

Michael Jones says:

there's a weird high-pitch sound from ur video just fyi

B3rettaZ26 says:

thanks man! i was wondering how i would do this! i did ribs in my oven recently, i did a nice rub, etc. let them get to a certain point and then wrapped them in foil for an hour. wow, they were reallly good and fell off the bone!

Ballistic BBQ says:

Great job Malcom! I haven't done ribs on my Napoleon yet and this video has inspired me to do so. You came up with the perfect name for your channel by the way. Good stuff!

mike mcgrath says:

Malcom, A while ago I was in the market for a pellet smoker, after watching your videos ( and there great by the way ) I decided to purchase a Yoder ys-640. I haven't seen you use your Yoder in quite a while.Do you still have it and if not why ? Thanks !!

Pricejoker says:

just got in your bbq rub and it is phenomenal…. used it on some chicken legs then threw em on the pellet grill…. awesome

Manuel Vargas says:

malcom how long I have to keep putting the pouch of wood chips to smoke what is a good time frame ? one hour two hours three hours? I'm gonna used apple wood chips with ribs thank you u are the best

dj criss says:

What's the name of that BBQ sauce you used?

Joseph Jack says:

I tried doing indirect heat on my gas grill, however the ribs didn't cook at all after 3 hours! Does anyone know why this is? In the mean time I've had a flame under the ribs that are lying on the top rack of my grill and smoking them that way. Is that a good strategy?

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