Gennaro’s Italian Meatball Sub | ft. Jamie Oliver

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Gennaro’s got an Italian meatball recipe that’s so good even Jamie can’t resist swinging by for a bite.
Tender, juicy meatballs in a thick homemade tomato sauce covered in melted mozzarella and served in a New York style sub with handfuls of fresh rocket.
As sandwiches go this one will probably be the best you’ve ever tasted. Get cooking!

Tell us what your favourite sandwich is in the comments box below and for more Italian recipes make sure you subscribe to Gennaro’s channel:

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Soren Ingram says:

The Buns Need a bit of Crisp on the cut side for me

Silvia Deimer says:

i served it to all of my family with the homade gnocchi my mom told me ten times how delicous it is Thanks genarro

Hauke G. says:

Mixed meat? Urgh. Beef only for me.

orasis says:

Why do people put eggs in meatballs? I hate that shit.

zero 123 says:

Can I freeze the meatballs?

Golles Hoshigaki says:

Now I'm hungry xD

Josh Collins says:

always roast your paper guys

Ce_Oso QRO says:

Minute 6:06, what is the name of that herb?

wiseguyisyy4u says:

This guys just loves what he does! Its fantastic to see his passion. I'm enjoying his recipes!

S M says:

Any ideas this be made kosher by using half beef and half turkey, or would they not mix well together?

kenz pereria says:

quarter of an hour.. aka 900 seconds

George1233 says:

these are great but I struggle with the damn accents. Without the subtitles, I dunno…would order food every time.

Naram B says:

Italians love the word "lovely" and extra virgin olive oil, even for frying…which I don't understand. I'd rather taste the meatballs than olive oil

hrblocked says:

Genarro is the most passionate chef in the world!!

Anna K says:

let's count the times he says ''straight inside''

Brad Bater says:

what was that at 4:20

Daad AlAmoudi says:

i tried it & its DELICIOUS OMG soooo GOOOOOOOD,thank you Gennaro i love you so much <3 <3 <3

togiannaki1 says:

«i can't believe it» … me neither

Barnaby “feish.” Saunders says:


ken wares says:

I call BS, he pulled out a different sub from the oven than the one he put in!!!!

Luca Colacicco says:

2:30 that English accent tho

Kevin M says:

full of flavlorgh haha

Boutros Halab says:

omg looks amazing

Luis Fuentes says:

I did this today with a few changes, but still AWESOME. Thank you Gennaro for this and all of your recipes <3

Robin :D says:

Did he just stick his unwashed meatball hand into that bag of flour?! 0.o

mateusz W says:

ok guys so im broken af eating some bread with bread and i watch this videos . i am crazy right?

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