Gimmy a Diablo sandwich and a Dr Pepper

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Frank's world says:

Thank you for not using the lords name in vain brother. You have a new subscriber.

Michael Moll says:

Aint no Diablo Sammich….El Diablo Sammich is a slow cooked meat not ground beef…

Sir Bigdik says:

Diablo sandwich was pulled pork not garbage plain sloppy Joe's boy!

Dr Akbar says:

Damn it boy, there ain’t no D in sammich!

apollo18 says:

I'm here after watching the Jackie Gleason diablo sammich and dr.peppa scene!

These great food recipe videos are really causing a problem for my effort to lose some weight, but I enjoy food and this looks got-damn delicious!

cjk247 says:

6:15 hey wait a minute your not done yet!!! wheres the Dr Pepper?

chucky boy says:

Daddy… the top came off…

Hoe Pon says:

3:39 Why is it white……its Clear. LOL

Christopher Wilgus says:

That be a dollar and a half!

Curtis Reyes says:

Thats real Good!!!

Lone Wolf Vigilante says:

I dont have time to make it from scratch im in a God damn hurry

Brian Mccauley says:

Make it fast, I'm in a Got Damn hurry !!

Rebecca Ashford says:

That's not the Diablo sandwich it's a spicy bbq sandwich at Old hickory house one still exists in Tucker Ga and you can still get the Diablo I've tried it

Jade McCrea says:

Man that looks good!

C B says:

No ketchup in mine but otherwise pretty much the same. They’s damn good eatin’!

John Burke says:

What the fuck you talking about squarespace man. Got damn

Jeffrey Padgett says:

Make it fast I'm in a goddamn hurry

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